Pessimism & Negativeness vs. Optimism & Happiness Using Positive Reinterpretation

Two People Look At The Same Thing And See Something Different:

Two men look through the same window just after a rain storm.  One sees the muddy ground that will hinder his daily chores, while the other sees the sunshine that brings warmth and brightens the day.  The difference in each man’s view is caused by their different belief systems.  Their belief system governs their perceptions and how they choose to believe.  It’s the classic question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?”  It all depends on your perception and the way you think about it.  Keep in mind the saying, “The Sea Can’t Sink a Ship Unless it Gets In, and Negativity Can’t Drag You Down Unless You Let it In”.

Pessimistic vs. Optimistic Point of View:

As you view any situation, or even read this article, you have a choice, either be optimistic or pessimistic.  This simple choice will have a great affect on you.  Look at choices through a pessimistic mind set and you will live a life that is self-defeating.  View choices through an optimistic point of view and you will accept challenges, learn from them, grow in knowledge and live a happy life of fulfillment without regret for not having tried.  “Pessimist may Eventually be Right, but the Optimist has a Better Time on the Trip of Life.”

What Is A Pessimistic Point of View?:

By definition, pessimism is the belief in a bad outcome.  If you make a choice with the idea that the outcome will likely be negative, then you are willing to accept a diminished result. This pessimistic point of view emboldens “Limiting Beliefs” such as “Leave Well Enough Alone”.  Since you expect less than optimal results, you are not motivated to improve.  You will not investigate further or open your mind to new ideas and learning new ways.  Pessimism dwells in negativity and perpetuates a self-defeating lifestyle.  It is also an underlying cause of fearful thoughts.  Know that, “Fears are Created in Your Mind. Control Your Thoughts & You Control Your Fears”.  It is so difficult to be productive when your mindset is pessimistic.

Pessimistic People Have Difficulty Handling Problems:

A pessimistic individual typically looses control of their emotions during times of stress.  These individuals who are negative, will not accept responsibility.  Pessimists will avoid problems and try to pass them on to someone else.  Negative pessimistic people are likely to quit trying when difficulties arise.  Remember that, “You Make Yourself Miserable or Happy by Assigning Meaning Based on Your Belief System”.  If you are pessimistic and negative, this compounds your attitude and outlook on life.

Pessimism Creates Stress:

It is your perception of and then your reaction to situations that can create stress.  If you have a pessimistic and negative attitude, coupled with all the problems of today; high unemployment, high debt and job insecurity, you can easily become stressed and fall into a depressed state of mind.  The rate of depression has never been higher.  It affects adults and young people.  The mean age of onset has gone from 30 to 15.  Stress and depression are no longer middle-aged disorders.  Always remember that it is “In the Middle of Your Difficulties Lie Your Opportunities”.

Pessimism Creates Diminished Results and a Defeatist Attitude:

With a pessimistic point of view, that bad things are going to happen, you set yourself up to expect and then accept diminished results.  A pessimist has the tendency to expect the worst.  That way, they are not so disappointed when the outcome is not what they had hoped for.  They have created lower expectations, trying to avoid the disappointment of not succeeding.  By doing so, they have destined themselves to fail.  This is the definition of a defeatist attitude.

What Is An Optimistic Point of View?:

Optimism is defined as a state of having positive beliefs, to look on the bright side and expect a good outcome.  The glass is Half Full not Half Empty.  This positive state of mind enables you to be receptive to different points of view.  By being optimistic you expect a better outcome.  You are willing to dedicate the time and effort to learn and improve.  By evaluating all the information available, you make the best decision to achieve the result desired.  This positive attitude leads to success, for a happy optimistic person is always growing!  The saying, “There is No Path to Happiness, Happiness is the Path, Choose To Be Happy”  is so true.  By being optimistic and positive you choose to be happy.

Optimism Creates Opportunities:

With an optimistic attitude, you will attract like minded people to yourself.  This leads to becoming known and generating genuine relationships.  It is these relationships that will open the doors of opportunity for you.  Keep in mind that, “Your Happiness is the By-Product of Your Effort to Make Someone Else Happy”.

These relationships represent a vast storehouse of knowledge and know-how.  Keep a structured network of friends and business associates.  Most importantly keep communication open and flowing.  Always be willing to offer advice to others, and when you need help, ask!

Obstacles vs. Opportunities:

The truth is, optimists are faced with the same obstacles as a pessimist.  What differs is the way they perceive these hurdles.  They look at them with a sense of humor and perceive obstacles  as opportunities to learn and grow.  As for yourself, keep in mind the statement, “A Good Sense of Humor is a Major Defense Against a Negative Attitude”, and your obstacles will turn to opportunities.

If an optimist does not reach their desired outcome, they tend to believe it’s only a temporary setback.  They will do research, seek advice and decide on a plan of action to obtain their goal.  The hurdle is only a momentary setback.

People Respond Positively to Optimistic Individuals:

Optimists are proactive and less dependent on others.  They find no need to control or manipulate individuals.  Their optimistic attitude draws others towards them, for they are fun to be with.  A positive attitude is contagious and attracts like-minded individuals.  An optimistic person always has friends.

Optimism is a socially desirable trait in all communities.  Those who are happy and optimistic are sought out, while those who are negative are avoided.

Positive Reinterpretation, How To Become Optimistic:

The key to becoming a happy optimistic person is to “use positive words in your thoughts”.  Everyone has negative thoughts.  When you recognize a negative thought, immediately take the time to rethink it using positive words.  Try and rethink the thought as a positive statement.  This is called “Positive Reinterpretation”.   By practicing positive reinterpretation, you gradually change your belief system.   It is your belief system that filters all input to the mind and thereby regulates your response.  By creating a positive based belief system you naturally become optimistic.

This allows you to interpret negative events and situations in a positive light; in other words, a better way to look at it.  When a negative experience happens, looking at it in a positive light, allows you to open up to various points of view and suggest a good solution.  Optimistic people are unfazed by a bad situation;  they perceive them as an opportunity to learn.  Always keep in mind the saying, “A Foolish Man Seeks Happiness in the Distance; a Wise Man Grows It Under His Feet”.

Optimism or Pessimism Is A Choice:

Being a pessimist or an optimist is your choice.  You are not born one way or the other.  You are taught by parents, teachers, religious leaders and life experiences, how to look at and react to various life situations.  Even if you have been influenced negatively by the people and environment you grew up in, you now have the understanding of how to make a change for the better.  It is all in your mind.

Positive reinterpretation is used to rethink your negative thoughts.  It is done by, the “use of positive words to create positive thoughts which will then restructure your belief system”.  Create the belief that the glass is half full, not half empty.  Always look forward to success in all your endeavors.  Become resilient and develop the ability to adapt to changing situations.  Above all be Happy.  You can create a better outcome for all situations if you will look for and expect the best.

Life Is The Sum Of Your Choices:

Life is filled with numerous choices each day, some small and some huge.  As you make your decisions, remember that you have to live with the consequences and results of each choice.  Research all of your options.  Look at the situation from all points of view. Consult the advice of trusted friends, life coaches and mentors.  Be aware that, “It Only Takes One Person to Change Your Life, and That Person is YOU”.

There is an excellent resource that will help you as you begin to practice positive reinterpretation.   It is “Zero Limits” by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len.  This course shows you how to transcend and rise above your problems.  As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”.  Take the time to click on this link and discover the benefits that await you.

Please take the time to comment below and let me know your thoughts.  I really do appreciate you commenting, tweeting and sharing this article.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Ego vs. Humility The Eternal Struggle – Give It A Thought

Ego vs. Humility The Eternal Struggle – Give It A Thought

The Situation:

It was just the other day where I attended a seminar on memory loss. We arrived late and there was no parking close to the entrance. I was dropped off at the door with several items while Elaine went to find a parking place. As I struggled to take the items in, a fellow offered to help by placing my stuff on his dolly. His act of kindness was greatly appreciated and I told him so. We shook hands as I introduced myself. He replied that his name was Ron. We rolled into the meeting. I took my items and found seats in the back.

The meeting started by welcoming all the guest and thanking those who volunteered. With everyone’s attention, the host said, “I want to introduce our speaker tonight. He is the author of the book “Memory Loss”. Please welcome Dr. Ronald Devere.”

To my surprise, Ron got up. He gave an excellent presentation and afterwords, he signed his books. He took the time to speak to each individual and made all of us feel appreciated and welcomed.  Ron went beyond my expectations and exemplified the saying, “The Difference Between Ordinary & Extraordinary is That Little “Extra”, Give More Than Expected”.

I’m telling you this story because it represents a very successful person practicing the virtue of Humility.

Let Me Elaborate:

When some people become successful, they have a tendency to allow their egos to get the better of them and then they forget how to be humble. Success can breed arrogance and a high and mighty attitude.  Keep in mind these statements, “If Passion Drives You, Let Reason Hold the Reins” and  “Success is Not Forever and Failure isn’t Fatal”.  

How To Prevent Your Ego From Taking Over:

An ethical and virtuous person practices humility. Keep in mind that, “The Purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose.”  Once a person starts to find success, they must be on guard to prevent their ego from getting out of hand. Although it is appropriate to bask in the glow of accomplishments and to accept complements from admirers, do not permit these accolades to inflate the ego. To prevent becoming an Egomaniac, a person must practice Humility always.


Humility is the quality of being modest and respectful. Make a concerted effort to treat people with respect and be modest during interactions with them.  “Swallow your Pride!, It isn’t Fattening! Show Your Character Fitness by Practicing Humility”.

What You Receive From Being Humble:

Do not be afraid to be humble and show that you care. When people are treated in this manner they will want to engage. They will become acquaintances, friends, partners, customers and beneficial sources of information. Lifelong relationships form and these affiliations open the door of opportunity.  What opportunity you ask, at least the opportunity to learn.  Always, “Be Curious! For Knowledge will not Acquire You; You Must Acquire It, Always be Learning”.  You can learn something from any acquaintance, be ready to receive and be open minded.

What Does The Recipient of Humility Receive:

By taking the time to show someone you care, you raise their self esteem. A simple act of kindness may be all that is needed to brighten their day.  “Make the Choice to Take the Positive Path & Spread Kindness Today”, be humble help all you can.

Ego vs. Humility

Always remember the saying, “Folks Forget What You Say, They Forget What You Do,but They Never Forget How You Make Them Feel”.  Check your ego and make your acquaintances feel that you care.  Your ego can also be kept in check by the use of Self Introspection and Positive Affirmations. There is an aide to help with the development of the mind and thought process. The “Zero Limits” system was designed by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. Take a look at what they have to offer and see if it is right for you.

What are your ideas on Humility and the Ego? Write your comment below.

Oh! By the way the book “Memory Loss” by Dr. Ronald Devere is excellent. It talks about “Everything You Want To Know But Forgot To Ask.”  I recommend that you read it. Click on this link to go to my “Awesome Resources” page and you can find it there.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Stress And Anxiety In The Emergency Room, When You Need A Friend

Stress In The Emergency Room

“Friends are Family You Chose for Yourself!!!”

Ring! Ring!

It was my cell phone alerting me that someone was calling. I stopped typing and started looking for my phone beneath all the papers that were cluttered about my desk. “This is David” I answered. “Dave can you give me a ride to the emergency room?” my neighbor and close friend asked. “I’ll be right over” I replied.

The Concern:

That phone call was the start of a stress filled journey to the Emergency Room.  Bill (an alias), met me at the door and explained that his blood pressure had spiked high.  His regular Doctor was on vacation and his office had advised him to go to the Emergency Room. “Not a problem” I said.  We then jumped in the car and headed to the hospital.  A true friend is one that will come when it feels like the whole world has gone out!!! 

The First Stress-er:

Bill signed in and we looked for a seat in the crowded waiting room. The available seats were right across from a poor fellow who evidently had taken a fall.  He had labored breathing.  He was slumped and holding his arm as if something was broken.  He looked at us and mumbled “I think I broke my ribs.” I smiled and nodded and he simply looked back down and resumed his labored breathing.

Emotions flooded over me. This fellow was in so much pain and there was so little that I could do. I felt powerless, my anxiety level started to rise, even more so as blood trickled down his leg from the scrape on his knee.

Another Stress-er:

After 30 minutes passed, Bill was seen in the triage room. His blood pressure was still high, but all the other vitals were normal. “ It will be a little while.  The beds in the treatment room are full” the nurse said. “Oh wow more stress!”, I thought. I hope my friend doesn’t have a problem while we wait.  It took about two more hours of waiting before the nurse came out and called Bill’s name. We were escorted back to the ER treatment room. My friend was instructed to put on a gown and lay down on the bed.


A Doctor came in and asked all the appropriate questions. “I am going to order an EKG and a blood test.  When we get the results I will be back to speak with you.” he said while pulling back the curtain and stepping out. “This is normal stuff” I reassuringly said to Bill.  It is important to reassure one another, keep in mind the saying,“We All Stumble, Each of Us, That’s Why It’s Such a Comfort to Go Hand in Hand”.

A minute later the nurse returned.  She hooked up a blood pressure monitor, an EKG machine and started the recordings.  After the EKG, she said, “I’m going to take your blood draw and set up the IV.” She tied off his arm and out came the needle!  Now, I have had blood draws, but I normally look away.  This time I was curious and decided to watch. That was a mistake, even though I was not the one getting stuck with the needle.   Just the sight of it raised my blood pressure and I had to look away.


The blood draw was completed, the IV set in place and the nurse stepped out. Then I needed to step out.  The excuse was to use the restroom but I also needed to calm down.  A quick session of deep breathing and EFT Tapping.  I was only out for a few minutes and then I rejoined Bill at his bedside.  Then we started to wait and listen.

Sounds of the ER:

As Bill and I quietly waited for the test results and the Doctor to return, the sounds of the ER became obvious.  Groans from a man about three beds down and then a new patient arrives in the bed next to Bill.  The man tells the Doctor, “I am having chest pains.  I have four 80% blocked arteries and his list of problems and symptoms continued for several minutes. As I sat and listened, I wondered if this is what I am headed for?

Then, one of the hardest things I have ever had to hear.  The nurses station was right beside Bill’s bed and I heard a Doctor tell the attendant, “We need to contact Child Protective Services.  This 2 year old’s injuries are not consistent with the story they are giving”. I was really affected by what I heard.  I got up and stepped outside for a minute to relax, say a prayer, do some Breathing Exercises and gather myself remembering that Prayer does not Change God but that Prayer Changes He who Prays.  Then I realized that Bill couldn’t leave.  So, I decided to go back inside to offer support and conversation.  We needed to talk so that the sounds of the ER would no longer affect us.

Some Good News:

After about two more hours the Doctor came back and said, “Good News, there is no sign of a heart attack or stroke.  I want you to double up on your blood pressure medication and see your regular Doctor as soon as you can. You can go home now.”  I think that I was more relieved than Bill.

We went through the check out procedure and as we walked out to the car, I thought back to the sounds of the ER. What can I do to help?  The injured child, the heart patient and the fellow who had fallen.  The one thing we can all practice is kindness.  This simple gesture should be given by everyone to each other at every opportunity.


I pulled up at my neighbor’s house.  Bill expressed how appreciative he was and I said, “ No problem, you may have to drive me one day.  I’m glad you’ll be OK”.  “Do Little Things for Others, Sometimes those Little Things have a BIG Effect on their Day”


As I think back on this episode, I believe that my friend Bill handled the stress better than I did.  I was really affected by the experience and this is a small town ER.  I now really admire and appreciate the nurses, Doctors and first responders of our emergency services.  By keeping a positive attitude, using stress re-leaving techniques and realizing that “Nothing is a Waste of Time if You Use the Experience Wisely”, I was able to make the most out of this situation.

I always keep in mind the statement; “Wherever You Go, No Matter What the Weather, Always Bring Your Own Sunshine; SMILE”.  Make the most of a situation and stay in control of your emotions.  Also, there is a simple quick method to help with stressful situations.  It is called EFT or Tapping.  Click this link to find out more about this miraculous proven method,  EFT Tapping : When You Need A Friend!!!

Tell me your thoughts on stressful situations and the value of friendship.  For, “A Friend Knows the Song of Your Heart & Sings It Back to You When You Stray”.  What do you do to help yourself stay clam? Please comment below.  Also, take the time to join “The Conversation”.  Scroll up to the top right hand side of the page and hit the red “Click Here To Join” button.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Negative Obsessive Thinking and It’s Effect – Don’t Worry

Negative Obsessive Thought and It’s Effects – Give It A Thought

“The Totality and Composition Of Your Thoughts Create Your Attitude, Feelings and Actions!!!”

How Does Negative Obsessive Thinking Begin?

Do you ever have genuine concerns about a situation, problem, friend or relative? You can be so concerned that you keep thinking about it. You start going over the history of the situation in your mind. What happened in the past. Who said what. Who did what.  Always keep in mind that, “Harboring a Grudge is Like Drinking Poison & Expecting the Other Person to Die”, you only hurt yourself.

You’re trying to understand each parties intentions and why they acted the way they did. This is all well and good up to a point, for it does help to explore situations from all points of view.

The Next Progression:

Before you realize it, you start to think “What If”. What if this happens or what if this is said or what if this occurs. Now your thoughts have progressed into imagination and worry. You are thinking about possibilities and not facts.  Remember that “Worry is the Misuse of Imagination, Oust Negative Thoughts from your Mind”

What Are The Effects Of Negative Obsessive Thinking?

The effects are many. Especially if the events that you are imagining are not pleasant. Once you are concentrating and worrying about “What If’s”, doubt sets in.  You can even develop fears and always keep in mind that, “Fear, is a Darkroom Where Negatives Develop”.  Through all this negativity, you become upset, irritable and a whole range of adverse emotions rush over you. Your blood pressure will rise, your muscles become tense and you are visibility upset.  “Men like nails, loose their usefulness when they loose direction and begin to bend”.

What you need to remember, is that these “What If” events are imaginary. They have not happened. They have only occurred in your mind and you have become upset over absolutely Nothing.

Keep in mind this statement, “Worrying Does Not Empty Tomorrow of Its Troubles, It Empties Today of Its Strength”.  Stay away from “What If” scenarios and deal only with the facts.

What Can You Do?

As soon as you realize that you are getting upset, stop obsessing. Take a time out. Take your thoughts away from this situation. Do Relaxation Exercises to calm down and clear your mind.  Keep in mind that, “The More You Complain and Obsess About Problems, The More Problems You Will Have”

It is good to go over past events and the facts of a situation. You can then better understand. But once you venture into “What If” scenarios, you are thinking about possible future events that may or may not occur. This type of thinking is a waste of your time and is an energy drain on you.

Turn Negative Obsessive Thinking Positive:

One technique that you can employ is “Positive Reinterpretation of Negative Thoughts. Rethink the thought using positive words and turn it positive.  Visualize the situation turning out for the best. See it becoming a win-win for all involved.   Use positive words to put the situation in a best light.  By doing this, you also create a Positive Attitude within yourself.  “Don’t Fear what could go Wrong, Happily Anticipate what will go Right”

Most importantly do not dwell on the negative. Use Positive Reinterpretation to prevent negative energy from overcoming you. Learn to, “Believe Something Wonderful is about to Happen!!! Love Life!!!”  These unique techniques are discussed in Zero Limits. This is a system developed by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. Take a look at what it has to offer and see if it will work for you.  Click on the link above to go there NOW!

Let me know your thoughts on negative obsessive behavior. Have you ever found yourself in this type of thinking pattern? What did you do to correct it? Please take the time to comment below.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Frustration vs. Persistence And Hard Work – Give It A Thought

Frustration vs. Persistence And Hard Work – Give It A Thought

“Life’s Problems Wouldn’t Be Called Hurdles If You Couldn’t Get Over Them”

Getting Frustrated?

Today’s task was to transfer my email list from one provider to another. It sounded simple enough, all I needed to do was to keep in mind that, “By Determining the Intensity of My Focus, I Determine My Results”.   I mean the instructions were clear and it was easy to get the list from my current provider. I clicked on the drop down and selected export list. Another box appeared, it stated that the list file would be mailed to my email address, all I had to do was click confirm.

The First Issue:

I clicked confirm and went to my mailbox, and sure enough, there was my list of email contacts. Only one little problem, it was sent in Microsoft Excel. I use Open Office, which means it’s not going to open properly. I opened the file with Open Office and sure enough, there was my data and a lot of trash.  I realized that this would be difficult.  I remembered the saying; “Struggles Develop Strength. When You Struggle & Decide Not to Give Up, that is Strength”.  I decided to work this issue through!

A Quick Call to Technical Support:

I knew that this was going to be a problem, so I made a call to technical support. I got connected right away and the help was spot on. We decided that I would have to delete all the junk data and just use what I needed, Email and Full Name. Support even had a sample list  that I could look at and use as a pattern for my data. All I needed to do was download and open it. So, I opened it with Open Office.

The Sample File:

The file was clean of extra characters. It had specific column titles but strangely they were all under column “A”. Email and Full Name in column “A”. It did not take me too long.  I deleted all unnecessary characters and changed the titles to the appropriate heading. I then downloaded this file to the “add members” wizard in the new data base and received an“Error” message.

I Made A Second Quick Call To Technical Support!

I was quickly connected to support and I told them this story. Immediately the tech guy said, “you have to separate the Email address in one column, the Name into another column, convert the file to CSV and then our system will take it. “I understand, what you’re saying makes sense, but your sample file has all the data in column “A” I exclaimed. The tech guy says “let me look at it” and then it dawns on me, “I opened this file with Open Office. I mentioned this to tech support and he said that Open office would open the file differently that Microsoft Excel. We decided that I should use two columns with proper headings and then save as in a CSV format.

I Need A Break!

The first episode of frustration had set in. I realized that I needed to calm down and relax. I did a few minutes of Breathing Exercises and then a session of Progressive Muscle Relaxation. I felt refreshed.  My mind was clear and I was ready to start.  I had to remember the saying, ”It’s So Hard When I Have To, Yet So Easy When I Want To, Think of It as an Opportunity” and kept reminding myself that this was really an opportunity to learn.

The Completed File Saved?

I understood what was needed. I set up column A with Email address and then column B with Names. It was not hard to do but time consuming. Periodically, I would save as the file as CVS to make sure I did not have a power surge and loose all my work. After about 4 hours, I did a final save and closed the program. I went to lunch and when I returned, opened the add members wizard and then opened my file to download it. To my big surprise and disappointment, only about 10% of the file had been saved. Four hours work down the drain, I could not retrieve the file.

Oh! My feelings were hurt, another relaxation session was in order. I finally gathered myself and thought out what I should do.  I knew that with persistence and hard work, that I would prevail.  I had to keep in mind that, “Focusing Creates the Thinking that Produces the Supportive Behavior To Generate Desired Results”

Success: is Achieving a Goal, Learning from the Obstacles & Going Beyond What we Think we Can Do!!!

I decided that I would redo the file but his time,  save the file periodically, close it, and then reopen it to make sure that all the data was saved. Once completed, I would email the file to myself and another computer. After that I would then convert the file as one unit into CSV format and download it into the add members wizard.

I had my plan.  It took me about another three and a half hours but finally I was done. The list is now in the new auto responder service. I spent close to eight hours fixing a list that was installed in 3 seconds once it was in the correct format. My persistence finally won out, “I Must do It” always solves more problems than “Something must be done”,but in this situation at what price?

To help in making decisions, gaining confidence, determination and willpower, I use the techniques found in the Zero Limits. This system was developed by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. Take a look at it and see if will work for you.

I would like to hear from you, Please leave your comments below.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Outsourcing Tasks, Learn To Trust – Give It A Thought

Outsourcing: Let A Professional Do It – Give It A Thought

You Can’t Do It All:

“There are Plenty of Obstacles in Your Path, Don’t Allow Yourself to Become One”.  This saying is so true on so many levels.  Sometimes you just have to get out of the way.  Allow me to relate a true story to you which exemplifies this saying.

For all my life I have felt that I’m better off doing it myself. Working around my house, minor home repairs and even the technical aspects of my Internet business. With age I have grown wiser and now realize that sometimes, “It’s better to let a professional do it”.  I do believe that this statement rings true for me and lots of others, “Most People Fail in Life Because They Major in Minor Things”.  You simply can not do it all, you must outsource and trust.

Do I Save Money On The Labor?

When I do a project myself, I save money on the labor charge or do I?   It takes me valuable time to do it and usually more time than a professional.  They do this work all the time and are much faster and efficient at it. So I ask you, “Am I really saving money in this situation?” I’m tied up doing the task, when I could be doing something else that I do well. Chances are, I am not saving money on the labor.

Do I Do As Good A Job?

Well now, that is really debatable. I have always prided myself in my work. I always try to do my best. I now realize there are some things that others do much better than myself. As an example, setting up a website.

I have been blogging for four years using WordPress and various themes. I have never been totally satisfied with what I created. After joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge this July, I got to look at several different websites. “Shock and Awe”, these sites are awesome! The “Light Came On“, and I realized what I created couldn’t compete.

I Need Help!

Once I realized that my site couldn’t compete, I knew that I had to find help. I had to remind myself of the saying, “Your Mistakes are Your Proof That You are Trying, Expect Mistakes & Learn From Them”.  I knew I had to do something, so before making a decision, I did my research and asked for help. I went to my trusty coaches and mentors and compiled a group of web designers that they recommended. I asked for quotes and chose a person I could easily talk to and felt comfortable with.

How Do I Feel?

I feel great about this outsourcing decision. I did my homework and I’m totally at ease with the decision. I have viewed this designers previous work and know that they will do a good job.  I had to keep in mind the statement, “What You Desire is on the Other Side of Your Perceived Obstacles”.  I did my research, felt comfortable with the new employee, stepped out of my comfort zone and made the decision to outsource.

How Does My Employee Feel?

This becomes a win / win situation for me and my employee.  Realize that “Few things Help a Person More, than to give them Responsibility & then Trusting”.   By assigning a task and then trusting the results to my staff member, I have raised their self confidence and tapped into their expertise.

What Had Happened?

I had to give up the self limiting belief that “I can do it better”.  I know that I don’t know everything but trusting others has been difficult for me. Being able to trust is a trait that I have had to cultivate. Through my use of Positive Thinking and the practice of Positive Reinterpretation of Negative Thoughts, I have grown to trust. If you have difficulty trusting, take a look at Zero Limits. This system by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len has helped me in all areas. Take a look at it and see if it is right for you.

What Are Your Thoughts On Outsourcing and Trusting? Let Me know By Commenting Below!

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality And Future


Know Who You Are:

Who you are is the product of your thoughts and life experiences. It is the words of your thoughts that create your belief system. Harsh words equals negative thoughts. These hard harsh thoughts create a negative belief system which generates an undesirable reality. If you use positive words in your thoughts, then your beliefs will create a reality of happiness and joy in your life.  You will gradually begin to change.  Think Positive, because your Thoughts Steer your Life: Positive Thoughts = Going in the Right Direction!!!

The Question Is  “How Do You Find Out Who You Are”?

Are you a negative or positive person? Is the glass half empty or half full? Your journey of change needs a starting point. To find that starting point, you must ask yourself “Who am I?”. In order to answer that, you will need to do a Self Introspection examination. Once you have completed this self examination, and have an understanding of who you are, the process of change can begin.  Keep in mind that, “You can Clutch the Past so Tightly that your Arms are too Full to Embrace the Present”, be open to change!!!

Where Do You Start?

Change starts with the choice of words in your thoughts. We all have negative thoughts. What we need to do, is recognize a negative thought and then rethink it using positive words. By doing so, the thought becomes positive and your attitude, mood and actions turn for the better.  Remember this, “Don’t Go Through Life, Grow Through Life”.  By practicing positive reinterpretation of negative thoughts, you will make gradual changes for the better.

An Example:

Your boss comes up to your desk and says, “Hey, I need you to work this Saturday.” You might think, “It’s not my turn to work Saturday, that’s not fair it’s Bill’s turn.” You recognize that this is a negative thought. It is comes from the negative emotions of hurt and jealousy. Rethink it like this, “Even though it is not my Saturday to work, let me talk with the boss and find out his reasons for working me.” This is a much better way of thinking. It puts a positive spin on the situation. It offers engagement with your manager to help you understand his reasoning. By taking Bill out of the thought, it prevents the emotion of jealousy towards a coworker.  Remember that “By Making Small Changes in Your Routine Thinking, a New Person Will Emerge Inside of You”.  When you are unable to change a situation, change the way you think about it.

It’s So Simple: “The Person you are Destined to Become is the Person you Decide to Be”

Using positive words in your thoughts and eliminating negative words and phrases will bring about change in you. By making this simple change, you gradually begin to change your belief system. Remember, it’s your beliefs that influence your decisions, actions and reactions.  Always remember, “Your Future isn’t a Gift, It’s Your Achievement. Making a Future is the Challenge of Today”.

If It’s So Simple, Why Is Changing So Hard?

It is difficult to change. The reason being, “ your thoughts and beliefs form your self identity” and in order to change, you have to give up what you deeply feel is right. It is very difficult to realize and admit your shortcomings.  Remember that your past does not control your future.  You can change for the better and your future will be brighter.  Keep in mind that in order to change, you must “Let Go of What You Are, then You Become What You Might Be”.

Choose to Make the Rest of  Your Life the Best of Your Life!!!

Keep in mind that “you are your own security” and that “you are responsible for your life.” It starts with you and it ends with you. Keep these statements in mind, “Happiness can be Found in the Darkest of Times, if You can Make your Own Sunshine”  and “Live Out Your Imagination and Create Your Future”.  Another way to look at situations, is to observe them from all points of view. Be positive and make the best of your circumstances. There are aids that can help you. One of the best that I have found is the “Zero Limits”.  This system was developed by Dr. Hew Len and Dr. Joe Vitale.  Take a look at what it has to offer and see if it is right for you.  Remember that, “Average People Have Wishes and Hopes, Confident People Have Goals and Plans”.

What Are Your Thoughts on How to Change? Please Comment Below!

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Calming Down Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Calming

It’s been a long hard day and I am feeling down.  I have been struggling to keep my patience all day long.  You know that, “Patience is Not the Ability to Wait, but the Ability to Keep a Good Attitude While Waiting”.  That is easy to say but so hard for me to do.  How in the world can I maintain a good attitude all day long.  I prepare myself  by performing Breathing Exercises, EFT and an abbreviated version of PMR. Let me explain my version of PMR.

What Is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

PMR is a technique of alternately tensing and then relaxing individual muscles. PMR was developed by Dr. Edmund Jacobson in the early 1900′s to help with anxiety. Some feel that the process of tightening a muscle and then concentrating on the sensation of the muscle relaxing, can help to reduce stress. For the purpose of calming the mind and physically relaxing the body in preparation for self improvement sessions, a shorter and simpler version is used.

For information on a complete PMR session you may go HERE!

How Is PMR Done?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a two step process. It entails a physical component, (the contraction of the muscle) and a mental component (concentration on the sensation of the muscle relaxing)

The Physical Component:

The physical component involves lying down or sitting, closing the eyes then tensing and relaxing muscle groups. These groups include the legs, abdomen, chest, arms and face. You will tense each group for about 10 seconds and then allow these muscles to relax for about 15 to 20 seconds. You will do each muscle group in sequence. For this abbreviated version, do each muscle group only once.

The Mental Component:

Once the muscle is tensed, you then allow it to relax. Close the eyes and concentrate on the sensation of the muscle relaxing. Let the muscles relax for 15 to 20 seconds. Concentrate the tension fading away. After the legs, abdomen,chest arms and face muscle groups have been tensioned and then relaxed, there is a calming effect on the entire body. The body is physically relaxed and the mind is calm.

Once I complete the session, I feel relaxed and calm. I then proceed with self improvement sessions of Affirmations, EFT or Self Introspection. Another aid that I use is Zero Limits. Take a look at what it has to offer and see if it will be helpful for you.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Relaxation, Breathing Exercises For Stress

“Most Folks Pursue Pleasure With Such Passion & Haste That They Hurry Past It”

“The Time To Relax Is When You Don’t Have Time For It”

What Is A Breathing Exercise?

There are many different forms of breathing exercises depending on the discipline performed and the results desired. For my purpose of getting relaxed in preparation to do Affirmations, EFT or Self Introspection, I use the simple form of Belly or Abdominal Breathing.  My goal is to slow down and place my mind in a receptive state.  Take the time to relax and “Enjoy the Little Things in Life, One Day you’ll Look Back & Realize they were the Big Things”.

How Is Belly Breathing Performed?

Belly breathing is done by contracting the diaphragm muscle located between the chest and stomach cavity. When this muscle is contracted, air enters the lungs while the stomach expands. By using the diaphragm, more air is taken into the lungs. This technique exceeds the volume of air inhaled by using the chest muscles during normal breathing. The result is more air in, meaning more oxygen absorption which is therapeutic for the muscles of the body. A simple example would be:

Sit and wear loose clothing (get comfortable)

Put a hand on your stomach (to feel your stomach expand)

Slowly inhale through the nose (this slows down the breath)

Place hand on the stomach  (feel the stomach expand)

Pause for a short moment

Slowly exhale through the nose (this slows down the breath)

Place hand on the stomach (feel the stomach contract)

Repeat five to ten times, this is one set of breaths

How Often and How Many Times?

Since breathing exercises are so simple, they can be performed as often as desired. Simply inhale deeply through the nose to the count of ten, pause and then slowly and completely exhale for the count of ten. Repeat these slow rhythmic breaths five to ten times in a row. Pause for a minute and repeat the deep breaths again. Usually by the third set of breaths, I have relaxed. I will then perform a Progressive Muscle Relaxation routine. As a “Tip”, in order to take these deep breaths comfortably, it is best to wear loose fitting clothes. Since the stomach is expanding, any restrictive clothing can cause discomfort.

Benefits of Breathing Exercises the Six R’s:

“The Six R’s of Breathing Exercises – Reflect, Recover, Renew, Regrow, Reconnect & Relax” are yours just by performing your breathing exercises routine.  Your mind and body become rejuvenated and are ready to proceed through your day with a smile.  Keep in mind the benefits of a smile; “There is no Cosmetic for Beauty Like Happiness, Be Happy; Be Beautiful” wear a smile on your face!!!

Another benefit of doing deep breathing exercises regularly, is that it helps reduce the symptoms of stress.  This is such a simple method that you can easily do it at work, home or even at play.  “Adopt the Pace of Mother Nature, Her Secret is Patience.”  

The benefits of breathing exercises is well documented. Over 10% of the U.S. Population practices some form of breathing exercise. The Zero Limits system can help and guide you on your journey of self improvement. Take a look inside and see what it has to offer.

What are your thoughts on Breathing Exercises for Relaxation?  Please comment below!

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Mindset In Business Success

Your Mindset and The Keys To Business Success

“Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”  Earl Nightingale

Where Does Success Begin?

Success begins with you and your mindset. The words in your thoughts create the belief system which governs your actions. Thoughts also affect your attitude, by being positive, you are prepared to face the challenges that lay before you. This builds your confidence and willpower with which you solve any issues.  So true is the statement, “All the So-Called “Secrets of Success” Will Not Work Unless You Do”.

Seek Out Successful Coaches and Friends:

One of the best ways to become successful is to associate with successful people. Find like minded people in your business who have already succeed. Use them as coaches and mentors. Become friends with them and ask their guidance. They are a wealth of knowledge and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. They know what works and what doesn’t work. Their input can save you time and money and both are key to your success. Surround yourself with Believers and Thinkers, but most importantly, surround yourself with those who see the great potential in you.

Keep in mind that you may have to go through failures to reach success.  Look at Failure as an opportunity to begin again, only next time more wisely!!!

Do Your Research:

This is so important,“Follow Your Passion, and Success Will Follow You”.  You really have to want it!  Then do the research to be sure there is an adequate need to fill, service to provide or problem to solve. Next, find a solution to the problem, need or service. Once you have the solution, then sell it to your prospective customer at a profitable price.

I know that this sounds so simplistic, but you better get it right. That is why coaches and mentors are so important. Use them, as well as the services of the Small Business Administration and local Chamber of Commerce. Do your due diligence, know what it is going to take before you invest. Be open minded and willing to learn.

Be Willing To Sacrifice:

You will have to give up time and money. It takes time to become successful. Success is not handed to you, it is earned. There will be many long days and hours dedicated to achieving your goal.  “The Bad News – Time Flies, The Good News – You’re the Pilot”

Success in business takes money, a financial investment. You will have to use your own money or borrow. This is why your research is so important. You need to know that your efforts will be able to repay the investment and then pay you a profit.  Always remember that, “Opportunities Don’t Come with their Values Stamped on Them” and that “An Idea can be Life Altering. All you Need for an Opportunity is just another Good Idea”.

Be Willing To Ask For Help and Delegate:

Successful persons did not become successful by themselves, they had help. They knew where to find advice and they went and asked for it.  To be successful in business you have to be able to grow and learn.  Remember this statement, “To Improve You Have to Change; To Change You Must be Open to New Ideas”.  The tasks, responsibilities and legal requirements of a business are too much for one person to handle.

Be willing to delegate tasks to others. You will need legal advice, accounting services and day to day operational requirements. You have to delegate and entrust some aspects of your business to others. There is simply too much for one person to do.

Be Willing to Network:

Another key factor in a successful business is networking, the meeting of prospective suppliers and customers. Professional trade shows and your local Chamber of Commerce meet ups are an excellent source for networking. These shows are a wealth of knowledge, new ideas and old reliable know hows.  Keep this in mind, “Don’t Allow The Noise of Others Opinions to Drown Out Your Own Inner Voice”, but do go to these events with an open mind and a willingness to share. The seeds that you plant at these forums may come to fruition in the future.

Be Willing To Learn:

You do not know it all. The best way to show an individual that you are willing and wanting to learn is by asking questions. Show an interest in them and what they know. Engage them by admitting your shortcomings and asking for their advice.   Remember that,“In Order for there to be Complete Communication, You must Listen.”  Once you have finished speaking with them, remember to ask them what you can do for them. By asking this, you open the door for more engagement and thus more opportunities to learn.  Remember the saying, “A Mind is Like a Parachute, It Works Best When Open, Be Open Minded”.

Be Willing to Give:

Giving is so often overlooked but is so essential to success.  Keep in mind that you should always “Make Going the Extra Mile a Habit, It Makes You Successful & Lifts You Above the Crowd”.  You should also give back to the community through your Chamber of Commerce, events and sponsorships. Give to your customers by providing extra value beyond their expectations. When you provide exceptional service, they will come back.  Always keep in mind that, “The Most Important Trip You Will Take, is Meeting People Halfway”, be willing to give and compromise.

Your Mindset In Business Success:

A positive mindset creates a productive attitude. In all the points that I discussed above, it is important to maintain a positive and productive attitude. If you go into a business venture with a negative defeatist attitude, you can expect to fail and lose your investment.  Do not make excuses, make every effort to do your due diligence.  Remember that, “Excuses are the Nails Used to Build a House of Failure”.  Keep and maintain a positive and productive attitude, be determined with a non faltering willpower and know that you will succeed.  “If You Want to Make Your Dreams Come True, the First Thing You Have to Do is Wake Up & Work at Them”.  Take a look at Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr. Hew Len’s  Zero Limits System and see what it has to offer you.  Knowing how to improve and nurture your mind is key to success.  Learn the Zero Limits System and get started the right way!!!

What are your ideas about for a successful business?  Comment Below!

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