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Best Way To Cheer Yourself Up

Best Way To Cheer Yourself Up

“The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Up is to Cheer Someone Else Up”

Mark Twain

When you feel down, one of the best ways to make yourself feel better is to try and cheer a friend or someone else up.  By making another person happy, you can’t help, but feel good.  Happiness is an emotion that needs to be shared.  It increases in intensity as you involve more and more people.  Although you feel down, remember the saying, “You Can’t Have A Rainbow Without a Little Rain”.

How do you cheer a friend up?   You start with a welcoming smile and ask: How can I help?  The next step is the most important and that is to listen!  Just the act of listening to someone can help them.  Through dialog and the flow of information you can offer different points of view.  By just being there for them, in that moment, you cheer them up.

The key to cheering someone up is to act.  Don’t intend to do something, go ahead and step up.  Understand the meaning of the saying, “The Smallest Act of Kindness is Worth so Much More Than the Grandest Intention; Act Now”.  

What comes from such a wonderful act of kindness?  More kindness, which strengthens your relationship and brightens everyone’s day.  You are able to explore solutions and give reassurance that they do not have to face this alone.

When you do this, it creates a stronger bond of friendship.  What a wonderful experience and the kindness grows!!!

Something happens inside of you; the feelings of good and accomplishment are generated.  You have helped someone by being there for them.

Miraculously you find yourself feeling good and like magic, you are cheered up.  Always remember Dr. Maya Angelou’s saying, “People Forget What You Say, They Forget What You Do, but They Never Forget How You Make Them Feel”.  You just made someone’s day!!!

“Become Someone’s Reason to Smile”

There is a self-improvement system that will help you with the acts of kindness and giving. It is created by Dr. Joe Vitale and it’s called the Secret Mirror.

The Secret Mirror is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.

Our subconscious is full of information.  We need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It’s inside of you. Click this Link To Access It.

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

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