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These Affirmations are available throughout the Internet, I have compiled this list from numerous websites for your use.  Make a affirmation in the first person (I), make it positive and you can use the word choose to start the statement, ie “I Choose…)  Repeat the affirmation 10 to 15 time in a row several time a day.  To learn how to intensify affirmations click Go Here.


Happy thoughts bring happy things.

Happiness exists where I choose to look for it.

Joy floods my thoughts and my life.

I am overcome with gratitude for the bliss that fills my life.

I choose to  accept the good that is flowing into my life.

I choose to be happy.

I choose Happiness and more happiness is mine.

Happiness is everywhere I choose to see it, in the wag of a dogs tail, in the laugh of a child, in the bloom of a flower.

I choose to smile and my life lightens.

I choose to release all negativity and hold joy in my heart

I choose to forgive.

I choose to release myself from my anger and let the past go.

The past is forgiven. I am thankful.

I choose to allow divine love to permeate my thoughts.

I choose to live in the now each moment of each day.

Today, I choose to forgive myself.

My memory of this situation is healed. I choose to move forward with renewed joy toward life.

Today is graced with the Divine.

Forgiveness is a gift I choose to give to myself over and over again.

I know I am supported in each action I take, and my path unfolds with ease.

I choose to approve of myself.

I am proud of myself.

I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am, right where I am at.

I am more than capable of bringing my dreams to life.

I choose to calmly process the events of the day.

I choose to prioritize my tasks and joyfully execute my day.

I choose to hand my stress to God. I let it go!

I choose to allow the flow of Life to guide me.

I am a vehicle for the Divine to express.

I embrace my spiritual transformation.

I choose to project joy to everyone I interact with.

I choose to live in a natural state of joyfulness.

I choose to be joyful.

I choose to allow joy to enter my life.


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