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Ego vs. Humility The Eternal Struggle – Give It A Thought

When some people become successful, they have a tendency to allow their egos to get the better of them and then they forget how to be humble. Success can breed arrogance and a high and mighty attitude. Continue reading

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Stress And Anxiety In The Emergency Room, When You Need A Friend

It was my cell phone alerting me that someone was calling. I stopped typing and started looking for my phone beneath all the papers that were cluttered about my desk. “This is David” I answered. “Dave can you give me a ride to the emergency room?” my neighbor and close friend asked. “I’ll be right over” I replied. Continue reading

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Frustration vs. Persistence And Hard Work – Give It A Thought

Today’s task was to transfer my email list from one provider to another. It sounded simple enough, I mean the instructions were clear and it was easy to get the list from my current provider. I clicked on the drop down and selected export list. Another box appeared, it stated that the list file would be mailed to my email address, all I had to do was click confirm. Continue reading

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Outsourcing Tasks, Learn To Trust – Give It A Thought

For all my life I have felt that I’m better off doing it myself. Working around my house, minor home repairs and even the technical aspects of my Internet business. With age I have grown wiser and now realize that sometimes, “It’s better to let a professional do it”. Continue reading

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Law of Attraction, Joy and Pride

It was a beautiful July Fourth morning in the little Texas Hill Country town of Wimberley. There was a slight breeze as we hurriedly loaded the car with lawn chairs so that we could claim our usual spots in front of my favorite coffee shop Maui Wowi. “The parade starts at 10, it will fill up fast, so we need to be there before 9”, I said. We were out the door and off with great expectations of this annual event. Continue reading

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