“Let Your Past Make You Better – Give It A Thought”

“Let Your Past Make You Better, Not Bitter;

Learn from It & Forgive Your Past”

Author Unknown

Forgive & Forget for Your Sake

Forgive & Forget for Your Sake

You cannot change the past; you have already lived it.  There is nothing that can be done to change it, therefore you must accept it, although you can change the way you think about it.  Learn how your past can make you a Better person, not a Bitter person.

The first thing you must learn to do is forgive yourself and be truly you.  This forgiveness is for you, to set yourself free from any negativeness from the past. Learn to be humble and express your gratitude; say Thank You.  These are key to unlocking the perceived limits and restrictions that the past holds on you.  Keep in mind the saying, “Forgiveness Does Not Change the Past, but It Does Set You Free to Enlarge the Future”.

Secondly, don’t waste today’s energy worrying about your past and what others think, to do so simply takes away energy from this moment.  If you do, you are unable to focus 100% of today’s time and energy into your present choices and decisions.  By doing so, you decrease your future expectations and possibilities.

Thirdly, learn from your past experiences.  Make yourself better by assimilating the knowledge gained from the past into your conscious awareness building your confidence. This enlightened awareness and confidence should be used to guide you in making decisions.  In other words, don’t make the same mistake twice.  Understand that if you do make the same mistake twice, the second time actually was not a mistake, it was your choice.

Let us summarize these three self imposed constrains with this prophetic saying, “There are Plenty of Obstacles in Your Path, Don’t Allow Yourself to be One”.

The past has no holds on your future.  You can mold the future by working on your visions and dreams.  The power is within you through the decisions you make.  The past should make you Better not Bitter.  It’s up to you to learn from it and then forgive.  Forgive for your own sake!  Don’t forget the saying, “If Bad Things Happen, You Have 3 Choices, It can Define You, Destroy You or Strengthen You”.  You should always strive to become stronger.

It’s really a simple process; don’t let your past get you down; learn the process of managing yourself and thus situations. There is a self-improvement system created by Dr. Joe Vitale, called the Secret Mirror, which is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  

You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.  The subconscious mind is full of information.  You need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It is inside of you.  Click this Link for access.

 The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

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2 Responses to “Let Your Past Make You Better – Give It A Thought”

  1. That was indeed a thrilling and very insightful pierce of work. I can’t agree more. People we got to be free, free ourselves from our earthly struggles, troubles and our stressful past. We should not waste time reflecting on the past, it is retrogressive. If you miss one step on the stair case and fell, you can never go back to and try to step on it again.Instead, you pick your self up, dust your self and continue with your mission. The rationale here is that you would have learnt a very important lesson for the future such that the same mistake won’t be reapeated.

  2. David Wilson says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Post. You are correct in realizing that the lesson learned is not to repeat the same mistake twice.

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