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“If You Can Imagine It and Visualize It, You Can Create It”

VisualizationWhen I’m stuck or don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere, I stop and take a few moments to gather myself. One way that I like to refocus and center my thinking, is to use Meditative Visualization.  This is the best way that I have found to recognize and work on my faults.

The Power of Our Subconscious Mind

As a child I would dream that I could float and rise up into the air, levitate and go wherever I pleased. Of course, when I woke up, I had lost the ability to levitate myself.  My conscious mind didn’t have that ability, but my sub-conscious did.

The power of the mind knows no bounds.  To help me create the future that I desire, I learned the technique of Meditative Visualization taught in The Secret Mirror.

What is Meditative Visualization you ask?  It is the process of affecting your future by focusing your mind on what you want to achieve.  One method of Meditative Visualization that I use is the mirror technique.

What is the Mirror Technique?

The mirror technique is really quite simple.  You take a quiet moment to look at yourself in the mirror.  Look directly into your eyes.  In a strong and convincing voice, state aloud the vision that you want to achieve.  Even better, take the time to write out your vision statement.  Then look at yourself in the mirror and repeatedly speak aloud the vision.

How Does the Mirror Technique Work?

First; By speaking aloud, you are making a verbal contract with yourself.  This is very powerful, it affects the sub-conscious which guides your decision making process.  You make decisions with your vision in mind, thus placing you on the path to your desired reality.

Second; after you have repeatedly used the mirror technique, it places your mind in a state of heightened opportunistic awareness.  This stirs your emotions and releases the imagination.   Ways to achieve your vision will materialize.  The  next step appears and you are on your way.

There is a better way.   Learn the method of managing yourself, situations and your mind.  I want to introduce you to a fabulous system by my friend Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the hit movie “The Secret”.   It’s Called “The Secret Mirror”

The Secret Mirror is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.

Our subconscious is full of information.  We need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It is inside of you.  Click this Link To Access It.

 The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

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