Pessimism & Negativeness vs. Optimism & Happiness Using Positive Reinterpretation

Two People Look At The Same Thing And See Something Different:

Two men look through the same window just after a rain storm.  One sees the muddy ground that will hinder his daily chores, while the other sees the sunshine that brings warmth and brightens the day.

The difference in each man’s view is caused by their different belief systems.  Their belief system governs their perceptions and how they choose to believe.  It’s the classic question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” 

It all depends on your perception and the way you think about it.  Keep in mind the saying, “The Sea Can’t Sink a Ship Unless it Gets In, and Negativity Can’t Drag You Down Unless You Let it In”.

Pessimistic vs. Optimistic Point of View:

As you view any situation, or even read this article, you have a choice, either be optimistic or pessimistic.

This simple choice will have a great affect on you.  Look at choices through a pessimistic mind set and you will live a life that is self-defeating.

View choices through an optimistic point of view and you will accept challenges, learn from them, grow in knowledge and live a happy life of fulfillment without regret for not having tried.  “Pessimist may Eventually be Right, but the Optimist has a Better Time on the Trip of Life.”

What Is A Pessimistic Point of View?:

By definition, pessimism is the belief in a bad outcome.  If you make a choice with the idea that the outcome will likely be negative, then you are willing to accept a diminished result. This pessimistic point of view emboldens “Limiting Beliefs” such as “Leave Well Enough Alone”. 

Since you expect less than optimal results, you are not motivated to improve.  You will not investigate further or open your mind to new ideas and learning new ways.  Pessimism dwells in negativity and perpetuates a self-defeating lifestyle.

It is also an underlying cause of fearful thoughts.  Know that, “Fears are Created in Your Mind. Control Your Thoughts & You Control Your Fears”.  It is so difficult to be productive when your mindset is pessimistic.

Pessimistic People Have Difficulty Handling Problems:

A pessimistic individual typically looses control of their emotions during times of stress.  These individuals who are negative, will not accept responsibility.  Pessimists will avoid problems and try to pass them on to someone else.

Negative pessimistic people are likely to quit trying when difficulties arise.  Remember that, “You Make Yourself Miserable or Happy by Assigning Meaning Based on Your Belief System”.  If you are pessimistic and negative, this compounds your attitude and outlook on life.

Pessimism Creates Stress:

It is your perception of and then your reaction to situations that can create stress.  If you have a pessimistic and negative attitude, coupled with all the problems of today; high unemployment, high debt and job insecurity, you can easily become stressed and fall into a depressed state of mind.

The rate of depression has never been higher.  It affects adults and young people.  The mean age of onset has gone from 30 to 15.  Stress and depression are no longer middle-aged disorders.  Always remember that it is “In the Middle of Your Difficulties Lie Your Opportunities”.

Pessimism Creates Diminished Results and a Defeatist Attitude:

With a pessimistic point of view, that bad things are going to happen, you set yourself up to expect and then accept diminished results.  A pessimist has the tendency to expect the worst.  That way, they are not so disappointed when the outcome is not what they had hoped for.  They have created lower expectations, trying to avoid the disappointment of not succeeding.  By doing so, they have destined themselves to fail.  This is the definition of a defeatist attitude.

What Is An Optimistic Point of View?:

Optimism is defined as a state of having positive beliefs, to look on the bright side and expect a good outcome.  The glass is Half Full not Half Empty.  This positive state of mind enables you to be receptive to different points of view.

By being optimistic you expect a better outcome.  You are willing to dedicate the time and effort to learn and improve.  By evaluating all the information available, you make the best decision to achieve the result desired.

This positive attitude leads to success, for a happy optimistic person is always growing!  The saying, “There is No Path to Happiness, Happiness is the Path, Choose To Be Happy”  is so true.  By being optimistic and positive you choose to be happy.

Optimism Creates Opportunities:

With an optimistic attitude, you will attract like minded people to yourself.  This leads to becoming known and generating genuine relationships.  It is these relationships that will open the doors of opportunity for you.  Keep in mind that, “Your Happiness is the By-Product of Your Effort to Make Someone Else Happy”.

With an optimistic attitude, true friends are never really apart.  Even thought physical distance may separate them, they are always connected by their hearts through positive thought.

These relationships represent a vast storehouse of knowledge and know-how.  Keep a structured network of friends and business associates.  Most importantly keep communication open and flowing.  Always be willing to offer advice to others, and when you need help, ask!

Obstacles vs. Opportunities:

The truth is, optimists are faced with the same obstacles as a pessimist.  What differs is the way they perceive these hurdles.  They look at them with a sense of humor and perceive obstacles  as opportunities to learn and grow.

As for yourself, keep in mind the statement, “A Good Sense of Humor is a Major Defense Against a Negative Attitude”, and your obstacles will turn to opportunities.

If an optimist does not reach their desired outcome, they tend to believe it’s only a temporary setback.  They will do research, seek advice and decide on a plan of action to obtain their goal.  The hurdle is only a momentary setback.

People Respond Positively to Optimistic Individuals:

Optimists are proactive and less dependent on others.  They find no need to control or manipulate individuals.  Their optimistic attitude draws others towards them, for they are fun to be with.

A positive attitude is contagious and attracts like-minded individuals.  An optimistic person always has friends.

Optimism is a socially desirable trait in all communities.  Those who are happy and optimistic are sought out, while those who are negative are avoided.

Positive Reinterpretation, How To Become Optimistic:

The key to becoming a happy optimistic person is to “use positive words in your thoughts”.  Everyone has negative thoughts.  When you recognize a negative thought, immediately take the time to rethink it using positive words.

Try and rethink the thought as a positive statement.  This is called “Positive Reinterpretation”.   By practicing positive reinterpretation, you gradually change your belief system.

It is your belief system that filters all input to the mind and thereby regulates your response.  By creating a positive based belief system you naturally become optimistic.

This allows you to interpret negative events and situations in a positive light; in other words, a better way to look at it.  When a negative experience happens, looking at it in a positive light, allows you to open up to various points of view and suggest a good solution.

Optimistic people are unfazed by a bad situation;  they perceive them as an opportunity to learn.  Always keep in mind the saying, “A Foolish Man Seeks Happiness in the Distance; a Wise Man Grows It Under His Feet”.

Optimism or Pessimism Is A Choice:

Being a pessimist or an optimist is your choice.  You are not born one way or the other.  You are taught by parents, teachers, religious leaders and life experiences, how to look at and react to various life situations.

Even if you have been influenced negatively by the people and environment you grew up in, you now have the understanding of how to make a change for the better.  It is all in your mind.

Positive reinterpretation is used to rethink your negative thoughts.  It is done by, the “use of positive words to create positive thoughts which will then restructure your belief system”.

Create the belief that the glass is half full, not half empty.  Always look forward to success in all your endeavors.  Become resilient and develop the ability to adapt to changing situations.

Above all be Happy.  You can create a better outcome for all situations if you will look for and expect the best.

Life Is The Sum Of Your Choices:

Life is filled with numerous choices each day, some small and some huge.  As you make your decisions, remember that you have to live with the consequences and results of each choice.

Research all of your options.  Look at the situation from all points of view. Consult the advice of trusted friends, life coaches and mentors.  Be aware that, “It Only Takes One Person to Change Your Life, and That Person is YOU”.  Do so by learning the method of managing yourself and your mind. I want to introduce you to a fabulous system by my friend Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the hit movie “The Secret”.   It’s Called “The Secret Mirror”

The Secret Mirror is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.

Our subconscious is full of information.  We need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It is inside of you.  Click this Link To Access It.

 The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

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16 Responses to Pessimism & Negativeness vs. Optimism & Happiness Using Positive Reinterpretation

  1. David,

    Really hits home for me & about where I currently find myself in life.
    Introverted and Deeply Thinking while remaining active in the thought
    process of change & implementation.
    Changing the ways of our perceptions in how we view things.
    Much as the movie line in Gladiator “Imagine where you will be in 3weeks
    and it will be so.” In certain moments in life we all come across the reminders
    Of things we tend to forget, fortunate I feel at those times to come across a blog like this. Thanks for the reminders David. Keep up the outstanding work.


  2. David Wilson says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. All the work that I have put into my post, comes to fruition when I receive comments like yours. I hope you find GiveItAThought a helpful tool.

  3. Emoticon says:

    Hi There David Wilson,
    Cool Post, In school/home they never bring them up in the spirit of pessimism.
    isnt this biased,unfair,
    i just recently realised this.
    I look forward to your next post

  4. David Wilson says:

    Thanks for your comment. I believe that we should examine situations from as many points of view as possible. This does include points of view that we may not agree with. It is an informed person that is able to make a better decision.

  5. Angelika says:

    excellent post, very informative. Iwonder why thee opposite experts of this sector do not realize this.
    You must proceed your writing. I am sure, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!
    Angelika recently posted..AngelikaMy Profile

  6. David Wilson says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on pessimism & Negativeness vs. Optimism & Happiness. I will continue writing and hopefully you will help to spread the word about

  7. Lynn says:

    Hello to every body, it’s my first go to see of this web site; this
    weblog consists of remarkable and in fact excellent information
    for readers.
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  8. David Wilson says:

    Thank You for your comments. I hope that you will also visit the other articles on this blog. Hope to see you here again!!!

  9. Adam Morgan says:


    We just followed each other on Twitter. I wanted to come and read your blog. Great post by the way. My favorite quote regarding the cup being half full or half empty is – “While you two were debating, I drank it!”

  10. David Wilson says:

    Adam, Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post. In reference to your quote, “While you were debating, I drank it”, I believe you could consider this as “Taking Action”.

  11. Great post, enjoy following. ajm
    annjohnsonmurphree recently posted..A Single Violin…My Profile

  12. David Wilson says:

    Ann, thank you for the compliment and taking the time to comment!!!

  13. Hi David!
    Glad we follow each other on Twitter…Great Post! Isn’t it interesting how one person can think one thing and another person thing a whole different way of the same topic? Thanks for sharing your link with.
    Hugs & Blessings,
    Author Catherine Lyon recently posted..” I Am Proud To Be A Partner In Addicted Gambling Awareness Month All March Long”My Profile

  14. David Wilson says:

    Catherine, Thanks for commenting. I have never realized how differently people see and perceive the same thing, until I started writing and communicating on social media. For You to read and hen comment on my article means a lot to me. Thanks again!!!

  15. Susan says:

    Sometimes it is hard to remain optimistic (even though by nature I am) when there is so much injustice in the world. I feel compelled to speak up and sometimes to pass on information. I guess that is how I struggle to change things. I appreciate this article and understand what is being said, but wish all people and corporations would think and feel this way and there would be no need to inform or fight the injustices of the world. I could remain always optimistic, positive and happy.

  16. David Wilson says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It is through readers comments that I receive gratification for my writing. It is hard to remain optimistic and that is why we need to make it our number one priority. Please pass this article on to your friends and network. By working together we can influence others and in our small way help to change the world.

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