Value Systems Your Personal Virtues And Forgiveness

Your value system defines you.   It is your values  and virtues that guide your actions.   The value system influences all decisions.  By following your value system, and taking action based on your virtues, you are representing to the public, what you stand for.  Become a Person of Success by Becoming a Person of Value.

“You Be The One Who Spreads the Sunshine, Kindness & Love”

Your values impact every aspect of life. This includes your decisions and interactions during work, with your children and friends. Since your values and virtues affect  your decisions and interactions it is important to understand them.

Values are placed into the categorizes of personal, religious and paternal:

  • Personal values, these are the values which you feel are important to obtain and be upheld.
  • Religious values, these are the values which you feel connect you to a higher power.
  • Paternal values, these are the values which you were taught by your parents and will pass on to your children.

By following your value system during interactions with others, you are able to recognize in them their virtues.  It is this recognition of mutually shared virtues and values that opens the door to the formation of friendships and relationships.   There are certain virtues which are universally considered standard for a person of quality character.

Virtues of Quality Character are:  accountability, faithfulness, trustworthiness, respectfulness, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and charity

  • Accountability, a person must be willing to take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions.  Know that, “You are Your Own Judge. The Verdict is Up to You; Take Responsibility for Your Actions”.  You must be accountable for what you do.
  • Faithfulness, is commitment. You must be willing to stand behind what you believe, when times are good and bad.  Always keep in mind this statement and commit to it, “Since You are What You Repeatedly Do, Then Excellence is a Habit; Work at It”
  • Trustworthiness, a person must be honest and have integrity. Society must be able to trust what you say.  Remember the saying, “Honesty is the First Chapter in the Book of Character” and “Trust is Like a Bond, Once Broken It Can Never be as Strong”.
  • Respectfulness, a person must acknowledge the value of others. It is through respect that understanding of one another is achieved.  “If Someone Shows you their True Colors, Don’t try to Repaint Them, Respect Them”
  • Kindness, be kind to all you encounter, especially those who need it most, the helpless, underprivileged and even the rude.  Remember that, “Real Living is Living for Others”.
  • Forgiveness, always remember that Forgiveness is a Gift to Yourself.  Do not allow the internalized pain and hurt to rule you.  Let it Go!!!  Even though it is said that “Time Heals What Reason Can Not” go ahead and release yourself now, Forgive!!!  Keep in mind the saying, “Forgive, It Doesn’t Erase Their Crime but Why Should You Do The Time, Release Resentment”.
  • Gratitude / Charity / Compassion,  always be thankful for even the smallest act of kindness bestowed on you.  The act of giving is so important.  Not only for the person receiving but so much more important for the one doing the giving.   The comment,  “No Charity in your Heart, Means You have the Worst Kind of Heart Trouble” means that through the humble act of giving you and your heart are in the right place.

To Summarize:

“When You Know Better You Do Better.”  It is your value system and your virtues that create your Moral Compass.  People recognize your Moral Compass and this is what attracts them to you.  It takes courage but you should always be yourself.  It is the relationships that you develop that opens the door to your success.  One of the best ways to start a relationship is through an act of kindness.  Besides, “The World always looks Brighter from Behind a Smile”

“There will be Dark Times, but the Stars can’t Shine without Darkness, be a Star & Shine Brightly.”  In order to improve your moral compass, you have to explore your inner mind.  You need to be able to clear your mind of negativity and be able to view your beliefs objectively.

One of the most powerful tools available to you is the Secret Mirror.  This system was created by Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the hit movie “The Secret”.

It’s a simple process of learning how to manage yourself and thus the ability to take immediate opportunistic action.

The Secret Mirror is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.

Our subconscious is full of information.  We need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It is inside of you.  Click this Link To Access It.

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

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