Low Self Esteem, Become Your Own Best Friend

Do you have days when you feel down?

Do you feel like nobody cares about you or your work?



Do you feel like you’re just not good enough?

No Person or Situation has any Power Over You, Unless You GIVE Them That Power

Are You, Your Own Best Friend?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important steps to increasing your self esteem.  That is to increase your self confidence, become happy and be your own best friend.  There are many different ways to build your confidence.  Know that you should, “Act as if What You Do Makes a Difference, Because It Does!!!” and if you “Look to Others for Fulfillment, You’ll Never be Fulfilled, Fulfillment Comes From Within”.

I’ve Made A List of Four Methods That You Can Apply Now!


Start by listing the items that you do well.  This could be helping others, your volunteer work, church work or accomplishments from your job.  Know that you are appreciated by others for what you do, even though that appreciation is not always expressed.  Seek the company of others, for “The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Up is to Cheer Someone Else Up”

It is important to understand your abilities and to give your best effort.  Knowing that you have given your best actually makes accepting the outcome easier.   Even if the outcome is not what you expect or not to your liking, you have given your best.  Keep in mind that “To Strive for Excellence is Motivating, but to Strive for Perfection is Unattainable”You are not able to control all the variables involved, therefore the ultimate outcome can only be influenced not dictated.


Use Self Introspection to take a look at your behavior and belief system.  Be honest and decide what about yourself you would like to change.  All of us need to be able to accept change.  Our experiences affect our belief system and the belief system is what governs our actions therefore, we need to be able to monitor and adjust our beliefs.  This statement is so important, “The Only Person You Should Try to be Better Than, Is the Person You Were Yesterday”.  Just work on yourself, you can not control all that goes on around you.

Self introspection is the method of choice to examine oneself.  Take the time periodically to ask yourself questions of self exploration and record your answers.  Keep your answers in a journal and overtime go back and look at your answers.  Note how they have changed.  Accept and implement these changes into your thought and belief system.

We all change over time.  Situations that we live with change and sometimes we have no control over them.  Therefore we must adjust.  Accept change, embrace it, analyze it and make the best of it.  Always recall and live by this saying, “Believe in your Powers, Potential & Goodness, Wake Up & Live this Day Well”.


In order to help with your self esteem, you need to know where you are headed.  One of the best ways that I know of to accomplish this, is to write down a list of goals in your journal.  One example would be to meet a new person each day,  “Don’t Wait for People to be Friendly, It’s Up to You  to Show Them How.”

Set obtainable goals.  Make a plan of several small step by step goals that once are completed, you have attained a significant accomplishment.  By setting obtainable goals, you remain enthusiastic and energized.  You will be always learning, the saying, “Continue to Learn Throughout Time. Your Tombstone should be your Diploma”, explains the need to learn and grow continuously.


The idea is to increase self esteem by taking the time to reward yourself.  When we obtain a goal small or large, give yourself time to celebrate and enjoy the moment of accomplishment and happiness.  Learn to share your happiness.  Invite those who support you to join in the celebration of your accomplishment.  Remember that “One Candle can Light Thousands, Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared”

Bask In your Achievements and Find Humor

When we receive compliments for a job well done, bask in the glow of positive praise.  This is your reward.   Enjoy it and be confident in your ability.    Others  have recognized your ability and praised your accomplishment, there is no greater reward!  You deserve it, so enjoy it.  Keep in mind that “Sometimes it is difficult to find happiness in yourself, but it is not possible to find it elsewhere”.  

In each situation that you find yourself, try to find humor in it.  A good laugh with your companions is a great equalizer for we all can use a little humor.  Keep in mind the saying that “Warning: Humor May Be Hazardous to a Poor Attitude; Laugh!”.  Use a light moment to gain self confidence.

To Summarize

Developing a positive view of oneself is a work in progress.  Self confidence is an important part of the self esteem equation.  Always ask questions of yourself and others.  Know that through questioning and self examination,  we are able to make changes in ourselves which  develops a positive perception of self.  Learn to Love yourself Unconditionally.  For, “Unconditional Love does not have a Happy Ending, Unconditional Love has No Ending” and “It Takes Courage to Grow Up and Become Who You Really Are; Be Courageous Be Yourself”.

Keep in mind that; “Its Not What is Taken Away From You That Counts, but What You Do With What’s Left; Improvise”.  Learn to work with what you have.   In your continuing effort to improve yourself, it is important to use aids.  One of the best optimal systems for changing your mind for the better is Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len’s “Zero Limits”.  Click on the link and go there.  See if the comprehensive system they have developed is right for you .

What are your thoughts on self esteem?  Comment Below!

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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