Choices, Thoughts On How To Decide

“Your Life Is the Sum of Your Choices”

You are about to make a big decision. It will be a “Fork In The Road Of Your Life” and suddenly you start to question yourself. What if this doesn’t work? What if I can’t pay for it? What if I don’t really like it? What should I do? Doubt starts to creep in and you do not know which way to turn.  Keep in mind this statement by Nelson Mandela, “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”   Develop your vision, then act upon it.

“Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try”

Remember, ”It’s Never Too Late to be What You Might Have Been”, don’t be afraid to try. Always be prepared to learn and grow.  Keep in mind this statement, “If You are Content With the Best You’ve Done, Then You’ll Never Become the Best You can Be”.  In this article I will discuss several elements of an informed decision.  You should consider each step in this process before making your choice.

Go With Your Gut?

You’ve heard this saying before. The reason people say it is because it’s usually right. By that I mean, it’s right for you.  That little voice in your head shouts “Woo, wait a minute, I’m not so sure about this”. That inner voice is your sub-conscious. It knows your feelings, desires, capabilities and limitations.  Sometimes you need to go beyond your comfort zone, but do so in an informed way!  Know that, “When you Really Want To Change, Your Heart will Reinforce that Change”. 

Take Your Time, Sleep On It

The next element of an informed decision is to take your time. Do not make a snap decision on a choice that has far reaching consequences. You may not be able to think of all the important aspects involved. Besides, sleeping allows you to physically relax and start your deliberations in the morning refreshed. Do not succumb to pressure to answer before you have thought it through. Big decisions take time, simply let people know you need to think about it and they will understand.  Remember this statement, “Don’t make a Permanent Decision over a Temporary Emotion, Think It Through”

Seek Out Trusted Opinions

Oh!! This is a must. You do not know, nor have you experienced everything. To get more facts about a decision, seek out the opinions of those who have “Been There – Done That”. There are lifetimes of experience and knowledge available from family members, religious leaders, professionals, and friends. Speak to those that you trust.  The collective wisdom of those you trust is priceless.  Remember, that “Wisdom is the Ability to Anticipate the Consequences of  a Decision Before you Act”.  Learn as much as you can from your friends, coaches and mentors.  Practice the simple formula in this statement, “Open to Suggestions = More Choices = More Freedom to Choose = Happier Life”.

Do Your Own Research

Get on the Internet and Google your question. Numerous sites will appear on the subject. Go to forums about the subject and ask your question. Usually there is someone there who will help. Don’t forget about the local library and all of their books and professional magazines. There is a wealth of knowledge available to you, if you will just look.  Even thought you may have a good idea, remember the saying, “A Good Idea Remains Only That Until Acted Upon Then It Becomes a Great Initiative”.  You will eventually have to make the decision to act upon your idea or not.  It’s up to you, do your due diligence and think it through.  Also, pay attention to your inner voice (subconscious) and dreams.  For “Your Dreams are a Window to Tomorrow’s Decisions”, it is your subconscious talking to you.

“You will Never Cross an Ocean, Unless you have the Courage to Lose Sight of Shore” 

“Life is not Happening to You, Life is Responding to You”

Always remember that, “Life Happens Either By Design or Default; the Choice is Yours, Take Control of Your Life”.  Gather all of the information you have collected and contemplate what to do. Do it with a stress free mind. Make all the preparations necessary for you to make an informed decision.  Allow yourself to make the best decision with a relaxed state of mind through the teachings in the Zero Limits system.

Make the best choice that you can, for it is you who will have to live with the consequences!

It is difficult to go back down the road of life and take the other fork. It may be easier to go forward with a different decision if this one falls short. Remember if something doesn’t work, stop doing it. Cut your losses and go on!

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What are your thoughts on how to make a decision?   Comment below!

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3 Responses to Choices, Thoughts On How To Decide

  1. An interesting post! I was hooked from the first point about trusting your gut or intuition, because it’s easy to dismiss our feelings about something over the practical issues. But I find that if I don’t have a heartfelt peace of mind about a project it’s not worth pursuing.

  2. I recently submitted stories to a book project, and I was a part of the editing team.

    To my surprise, as I reviewed the stories from others, I realized I was holding onto portions of my past. My foot was in the door to the past, keeping it from shutting, which also prevented me from absorbing and doing my best as I entered the “future” door. Long story short, I submitted a third story to the book.

    When I read your words, ““You will Never Cross an Ocean, Unless you have the Courage to Lose Sight of Shore, ” I caught onto the similarity of our thoughts. We have to let go, otherwise we aren’t fully functional!

    Thank you for your inspirational post,


  3. David Wilson says:

    Mary, Thank You for taking the time to comment on my post. The Past is the Past and we cannot change it. If we dwell on the Past then we are using energy that we could be using to create the future we desire. I really like your statement “I caught onto the similarity of our thoughts. We have to let go (of the Past), otherwise we aren’t fully functional.” Well said!!!

    For Total Disclouser, the comment “You will Never Cross an Ocean, Unless you have the Courage to Lose Sight of Shore”, is not my words but a quote from an unknown author.

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