Words, Their Power To Generate An Action Or Emotion

The Power of Words

Words Are So Powerful:

Words can motivate, encourage, move people to action and communicate teachings.  Keep in mind the power of words to the young, for “When Speaking to a Child, Your Teachings Will Become The Inner Voice of Their Future”.

Words can also inflict pain, damage self image and bring forth negative emotions.  It is your choice of words that directs and affects the listener.  Remember that, “Your Tongue, Even Though It’s Soft , Is Strong Enough to Break a Heart”.

How Do Words Move People To Action:

Moving the audience to action, happens over and over in speeches. Coaches talking to players, motivational speakers to an audience and a salesmen to prospective buyers. The true power behind words lies in their meaning to the person who hears them. Far more than simple conversation, words have the power to manipulate a person’s thinking and thus their behavior. It is the audience’s interpretation of the meaning of what they hear, that causes their emotional reaction. A good speaker can read his audience’s response and then alter his delivery to guide them in the direction he wants.

There is real power in words, “The proper words delivered with emotion at the appropriate time” move people to action!

Communication is Crucial to Success:

Your ability to speak, the art of conversation, is a major characteristic by which others will judge you. The ability to deliver information and persuade opinion is essential from parenting, to relationships and in business. Once the listener believes your message, then you can deliver closing emotional words of action to direct them to take the response you desire. In other words, “close the deal”.

Use Words Selectively

“Be Careful with your Thoughts, They can become Words at any Moment.”  It is important to choose your words carefully. Consider that words affect emotions in you and your listener. Keep these words positive and intriguing. The listener’s curiosity about your statements will move them to ask questions. This results in more engagement and opportunities for you to pursue.  Getting the listener to ask questions, puts them in the conversation on a personal level.  You can learn their needs and offer your solution to their concerns.

The Effect of Words on You and Yours:

Words have an undeniable affect on you. You are affected by conversations, speeches and most certainly through self talk. Self talk, the words that you choose to use in your thoughts, directly affect your beliefs and thus your actions.

The words you use during your self improvement sessions are selected for a specific reason.  Give considerable consideration to the words you chose to use.  Especially the words you choose to recite during your meditation and EFT Tapping sessions.

Remember to chose carefully your words in causal conversation with loved ones.  A simple miss spoken word can act like a dagger and would deeply.  Words can also be used to show kindness.  Keep in mind that,  “There are 86,400 Seconds in Today. Use One to Say Thank You, Be Kind”.  Take a moment to express kindness by saying “Thank You”.

Use of Words:

Communication is used to persuade, inform, comfort and lead people to action. Your ability to generate an emotional response in the listener and move them to action is called the art of the sale. Choose your words carefully and use targeted phrases to grab their attention.  Engage them with intriguing questions and get into their world.  Find out what their needs are and offer valuable solutions.  If their problem is one of emotional pain, comfort with kindness and words of encouragement.

Always, offer conversation that has value to your listeners.  Remember, what you say and the way you say it, is what you will be judged by.  Keep in mind that conversation also helps you to grow, for “You Awaken when You Question Commentary that You Disagree With”.  Here is a extra bit of information for you.  Not only do you communicate with your words, but also through your actions, especially with the young.  Always remember this wise saying, “Don’t Worry that Your Children Never Listen to You, Worry that They Are Watching You”.  Your actions also speak volumes!!!

There is a resource that you should consider for improving yourself.  It is the fabulous teachings of Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len in their program Zero Limits Maui.   Take the time to look at this system and see if it is right for you.  This system has helped me immensely.

What is the true power of Words?  The power to move others to action and to leave the impression you desire.

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5 Responses to Words, Their Power To Generate An Action Or Emotion

  1. Cathy says:

    True, important, useful. Sometimes we forget the importance of words. Thatnk you.

  2. This is so true, over here in the UK the recent media coverage of government cuts and the politicians speeches have used some negative language towards those with disabilities which has resulted in violent crimes against the disabled increasing.
    It just shows that we need to think carefully about what we are saying as often it can lead to circumstances we may not have intended also.
    This was a very interesting post to read, Thank you 🙂

  3. I’ve studied communication all of my life. I believe that words can give life just as well as they can take life. Information is power. Great post.

  4. Renee says:

    This was a good reminder about the power of words and the intent behind them.

  5. David Wilson says:

    We need to be reminded of the power of words. The appropriate words delivered with emotion will move people to action.

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