Law of Attraction, Joy and Pride

Finding Joy And Pride On The Fourth Of July

“Life Isn’t Waiting For A Storm To Pass, It’s Learning To Dance In The Rain!!!”

Let’s Get Going!!!

It was a beautiful July Fourth morning in the little Texas Hill Country town of Wimberley. There was a slight breeze as we hurriedly loaded the car with lawn chairs so that we could claim our usual spots in front of my favorite coffee shop Maui Wowi. “The parade starts at 10, it will fill up fast, so we need to be there before 9”, I said. We were out the door and off with great expectations of this annual event.

Coffee and Breakfast

We arrived just before 9 as the sidewalk was starting to fill. Once we set out our lawn chairs, it was off to the coffee shop for breakfast. We were greeted by the smiling owner DuAnne and ordered coffee and pastry. As we sat enjoying our breakfast, friends started to come in Warm greetings and conversation ensued. As we were catching up with each other, I glanced out the window and could see that the crowd was solid up and down the sidewalks on both sides of the street. I knew it was time for the parade to start.

The Parade

To my right I heard the sirens off in the distance. Shortly, I saw flashing lights and said “Here They Come” to the youngster beside me. To my surprise, he started jumping up and down in excitement. Momentarily you could here the Constable speaking over his loud speaker for the crowd to honor the colors when they passed. Hats off, hands over the heart, and veterans saluted as Old Glory was carried past us by the color guard. More sheriff vehicles (an antique one also), fire engines, first responders and civic organizations passed by.

Then the hard candy and beads started to fly through the air as the float attendants responded to the shouts from the crowd. The children ran about frantic, trying to decide which piece to pick up first. We started to recognize float attendants and yelled their names and waved to them. When they saw and recognized us, more candy and beads flew.

A special treat was when one of the horseback riders recognized us. He rode up and let us pet his horse. Everyone was thrilled and excited. The high school drum core came by and the rhythm they played could be felt in your chest. More organization’s floats, more candy and beads. Then as the last float past, the crowd cheered and spoke about how exciting and fun it had been.

Surprising Reward!

As we placed our lawn chairs in the car, I hear a shout “Hey David and Elaine”. We turned around it it was our good friend Nerissa Oden. I have not seen her for some time and this chance meeting was to offer us a surprising opportunity. Nerissa was our first mentor into the world of the Internet and she is an accomplished blogger and marketer. During our conversation, I asked if we could get together some time and talk Internet strategy. Wonderfully Nerissa agreed. I can’t wait for this meeting for I have received so many good strategy tips from her in past conversations.

Expect Good Things To Happen

Always remember that, “Life Isn’t Waiting for the Storm to Pass, It’s Learning How to Dance in the Rain”.  I woke up this morning with a positive attitude and expected to enjoy the celebration. By being in such a positive state of mind, my attitude was right to attract good feelings, emotions and friends. You can learn about this in Dr. Joe Vitale’s “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”.

The power of a large group of people coming together for a common cause created a great sense of community. The expression of joy, well being, friendship and children’s excitement culminated in the feeling of happiness and pride. Happy Birthday America!!!

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  1. There is NOTHING like watching a parade (or visiting the zoo) with a child. Their owl-like eyes and glee just permeate our beings, keeping us as elated as they.

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