Calming Down Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Calming

It’s been a long hard day and I am feeling down.  I have been struggling to keep my patience all day long.  You know that, “Patience is Not the Ability to Wait, but the Ability to Keep a Good Attitude While Waiting”.  That is easy to say but so hard for me to do.  How in the world can I maintain a good attitude all day long.  I prepare myself  by performing Breathing Exercises, EFT and an abbreviated version of PMR. Let me explain my version of PMR.

What Is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

PMR is a technique of alternately tensing and then relaxing individual muscles. PMR was developed by Dr. Edmund Jacobson in the early 1900’s to help with anxiety. Some feel that the process of tightening a muscle and then concentrating on the sensation of the muscle relaxing, can help to reduce stress. For the purpose of calming the mind and physically relaxing the body in preparation for self improvement sessions, a shorter and simpler version is used.

For information on a complete PMR session you may go HERE!

How Is PMR Done?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a two step process. It entails a physical component, (the contraction of the muscle) and a mental component (concentration on the sensation of the muscle relaxing)

The Physical Component:

The physical component involves lying down or sitting, closing the eyes then tensing and relaxing muscle groups. These groups include the legs, abdomen, chest, arms and face. You will tense each group for about 10 seconds and then allow these muscles to relax for about 15 to 20 seconds. You will do each muscle group in sequence. For this abbreviated version, do each muscle group only once.

The Mental Component:

Once the muscle is tensed, you then allow it to relax. Close the eyes and concentrate on the sensation of the muscle relaxing. Let the muscles relax for 15 to 20 seconds. Concentrate the tension fading away. After the legs, abdomen,chest arms and face muscle groups have been tensioned and then relaxed, there is a calming effect on the entire body. The body is physically relaxed and the mind is calm.

Once I complete the session, I feel relaxed and calm. I then proceed with self improvement sessions of Affirmations, EFT or Self Introspection. Another aid that I use is Zero Limits. Take a look at what it has to offer and see if it will be helpful for you.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Relaxation, Breathing Exercises For Stress

“Most Folks Pursue Pleasure With Such Passion & Haste That They Hurry Past It”

“The Time To Relax Is When You Don’t Have Time For It”

What Is A Breathing Exercise?

There are many different forms of breathing exercises depending on the discipline performed and the results desired. For my purpose of getting relaxed in preparation to do Affirmations, EFT or Self Introspection, I use the simple form of Belly or Abdominal Breathing.  My goal is to slow down and place my mind in a receptive state.  Take the time to relax and “Enjoy the Little Things in Life, One Day you’ll Look Back & Realize they were the Big Things”.

How Is Belly Breathing Performed?

Belly breathing is done by contracting the diaphragm muscle located between the chest and stomach cavity. When this muscle is contracted, air enters the lungs while the stomach expands. By using the diaphragm, more air is taken into the lungs. This technique exceeds the volume of air inhaled by using the chest muscles during normal breathing. The result is more air in, meaning more oxygen absorption which is therapeutic for the muscles of the body. A simple example would be:

Sit and wear loose clothing (get comfortable)

Put a hand on your stomach (to feel your stomach expand)

Slowly inhale through the nose (this slows down the breath)

Place hand on the stomach  (feel the stomach expand)

Pause for a short moment

Slowly exhale through the nose (this slows down the breath)

Place hand on the stomach (feel the stomach contract)

Repeat five to ten times, this is one set of breaths

How Often and How Many Times?

Since breathing exercises are so simple, they can be performed as often as desired. Simply inhale deeply through the nose to the count of ten, pause and then slowly and completely exhale for the count of ten. Repeat these slow rhythmic breaths five to ten times in a row. Pause for a minute and repeat the deep breaths again. Usually by the third set of breaths, I have relaxed. I will then perform a Progressive Muscle Relaxation routine. As a “Tip”, in order to take these deep breaths comfortably, it is best to wear loose fitting clothes. Since the stomach is expanding, any restrictive clothing can cause discomfort.

Benefits of Breathing Exercises the Six R’s:

“The Six R’s of Breathing Exercises – Reflect, Recover, Renew, Regrow, Reconnect & Relax” are yours just by performing your breathing exercises routine.  Your mind and body become rejuvenated and are ready to proceed through your day with a smile.  Keep in mind the benefits of a smile; “There is no Cosmetic for Beauty Like Happiness, Be Happy; Be Beautiful” wear a smile on your face!!!

Another benefit of doing deep breathing exercises regularly, is that it helps reduce the symptoms of stress.  This is such a simple method that you can easily do it at work, home or even at play.  “Adopt the Pace of Mother Nature, Her Secret is Patience.”  

The benefits of breathing exercises is well documented. Over 10% of the U.S. Population practices some form of breathing exercise. The Zero Limits system can help and guide you on your journey of self improvement. Take a look inside and see what it has to offer.

What are your thoughts on Breathing Exercises for Relaxation?  Please comment below!

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Mindset In Business Success

Your Mindset and The Keys To Business Success

“Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”  Earl Nightingale

Where Does Success Begin?

Success begins with you and your mindset. The words in your thoughts create the belief system which governs your actions. Thoughts also affect your attitude, by being positive, you are prepared to face the challenges that lay before you. This builds your confidence and willpower with which you solve any issues.  So true is the statement, “All the So-Called “Secrets of Success” Will Not Work Unless You Do”.

Seek Out Successful Coaches and Friends:

One of the best ways to become successful is to associate with successful people. Find like minded people in your business who have already succeed. Use them as coaches and mentors. Become friends with them and ask their guidance. They are a wealth of knowledge and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

They know what works and what doesn’t work. Their input can save you time and money and both are key to your success. Surround yourself with Believers and Thinkers, but most importantly, surround yourself with those who see the great potential in you.

Keep in mind that you may have to go through failures to reach success.  Look at Failure as an opportunity to begin again, only next time more wisely!!!

Do Your Research:

This is so important,“Follow Your Passion, and Success Will Follow You”.  You really have to want it!  Then do the research to be sure there is an adequate need to fill, service to provide or problem to solve. Next, find a solution to the problem, need or service. Once you have the solution, then sell it to your prospective customer at a profitable price.

I know that this sounds so simplistic, but you better get it right. That is why coaches and mentors are so important. Use them, as well as the services of the Small Business Administration and local Chamber of Commerce. Do your due diligence, know what it is going to take before you invest. Be open minded and willing to learn.

Be Willing To Sacrifice:

You will have to give up time and money. It takes time to become successful. Success is not handed to you, it is earned. There will be many long days and hours dedicated to achieving your goal.  “The Bad News – Time Flies, The Good News – You’re the Pilot”

Success in business takes money, a financial investment. You will have to use your own money or borrow. This is why your research is so important. You need to know that your efforts will be able to repay the investment and then pay you a profit.  Always remember that, “Opportunities Don’t Come with their Values Stamped on Them” and that “An Idea can be Life Altering. All you Need for an Opportunity is just another Good Idea”.

Be Willing To Ask For Help and Delegate:

Successful persons did not become successful by themselves, they had help. They knew where to find advice and they went and asked for it.  To be successful in business you have to be able to grow and learn.  Remember this statement, “To Improve You Have to Change; To Change You Must be Open to New Ideas”.  The tasks, responsibilities and legal requirements of a business are too much for one person to handle.

Be willing to delegate tasks to others. You will need legal advice, accounting services and day to day operational requirements. You have to delegate and entrust some aspects of your business to others. There is simply too much for one person to do.

Be Willing to Network:

Another key factor in a successful business is networking, the meeting of prospective suppliers and customers. Professional trade shows and your local Chamber of Commerce meet ups are an excellent source for networking. These shows are a wealth of knowledge, new ideas and old reliable know hows.

Keep this in mind, “Don’t Allow The Noise of Others Opinions to Drown Out Your Own Inner Voice”.  Go to these events with an open mind and a willingness to share. The seeds that you plant at these forums may come to fruition in the future.

Be Willing To Learn:

You do not know it all. The best way to show an individual that you are willing and wanting to learn is by asking questions. Show an interest in them and what they know. Engage them by admitting your shortcomings and asking for their advice.   Remember that,“In Order for there to be Complete Communication, You must Listen.”

Once you have finished speaking with them, remember to ask them what you can do for them. By asking this, you open the door for more engagement and thus more opportunities to learn.  Remember the saying, “A Mind is Like a Parachute, It Works Best When Open, Be Open Minded”.

Be Willing to Give:

Giving is so often overlooked but is so essential to success.  Keep in mind that you should always “Make Going the Extra Mile a Habit, It Makes You Successful & Lifts You Above the Crowd”.  You should also give back to the community through your Chamber of Commerce, events and sponsorship’s.

Give to your customers by providing extra value beyond their expectations. When you provide exceptional service, they will come back.  Always keep in mind that, “The Most Important Trip You Will Take, is Meeting People Halfway”, be willing to give and compromise.

Your Mindset In Business Success:

A positive mindset creates a productive attitude. In all the points that I discussed above.  If you go into a business venture with a negative defeatist attitude, you can expect to fail and lose your investment.  Do not make excuses, make every effort to do your due diligence.  Remember that, “Excuses are the Nails Used to Build a House of Failure”.

Keep and maintain a positive and productive attitude.  Remain determined with a non faltering willpower and know that you will succeed.  “If You Want to Make Your Dreams Come True, the First Thing You Have to Do is Wake Up & Work at Them”.

Create the future you want by learning how to release yourself from the past and identifying present day limiting beliefs.  One of the most powerful tools available to you is the Secret Mirror.  This system was created by Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the hit movie “The Secret”.

It’s a simple process of learning how to manage yourself and thus the ability to take immediate opportunistic action.

The Secret Mirror is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.

Our subconscious is full of information.  We need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It is inside of you.  Click this Link To Access It.

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror



What are your ideas about for a successful business?  Comment Below!

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Words, Their Power To Generate An Action Or Emotion

The Power of Words

Words Are So Powerful:

Words can motivate, encourage, move people to action and communicate teachings.  Keep in mind the power of words to the young, for “When Speaking to a Child, Your Teachings Will Become The Inner Voice of Their Future”.

Words can also inflict pain, damage self image and bring forth negative emotions.  It is your choice of words that directs and affects the listener.  Remember that, “Your Tongue, Even Though It’s Soft , Is Strong Enough to Break a Heart”.

How Do Words Move People To Action:

Moving the audience to action, happens over and over in speeches. Coaches talking to players, motivational speakers to an audience and a salesmen to prospective buyers. The true power behind words lies in their meaning to the person who hears them. Far more than simple conversation, words have the power to manipulate a person’s thinking and thus their behavior. It is the audience’s interpretation of the meaning of what they hear, that causes their emotional reaction. A good speaker can read his audience’s response and then alter his delivery to guide them in the direction he wants.

There is real power in words, “The proper words delivered with emotion at the appropriate time” move people to action!

Communication is Crucial to Success:

Your ability to speak, the art of conversation, is a major characteristic by which others will judge you. The ability to deliver information and persuade opinion is essential from parenting, to relationships and in business. Once the listener believes your message, then you can deliver closing emotional words of action to direct them to take the response you desire. In other words, “close the deal”.

Use Words Selectively

“Be Careful with your Thoughts, They can become Words at any Moment.”  It is important to choose your words carefully. Consider that words affect emotions in you and your listener. Keep these words positive and intriguing. The listener’s curiosity about your statements will move them to ask questions. This results in more engagement and opportunities for you to pursue.  Getting the listener to ask questions, puts them in the conversation on a personal level.  You can learn their needs and offer your solution to their concerns.

The Effect of Words on You and Yours:

Words have an undeniable affect on you. You are affected by conversations, speeches and most certainly through self talk. Self talk, the words that you choose to use in your thoughts, directly affect your beliefs and thus your actions.

The words you use during your self improvement sessions are selected for a specific reason.  Give considerable consideration to the words you chose to use.  Especially the words you choose to recite during your meditation and EFT Tapping sessions.

Remember to chose carefully your words in causal conversation with loved ones.  A simple miss spoken word can act like a dagger and would deeply.  Words can also be used to show kindness.  Keep in mind that,  “There are 86,400 Seconds in Today. Use One to Say Thank You, Be Kind”.  Take a moment to express kindness by saying “Thank You”.

Use of Words:

Communication is used to persuade, inform, comfort and lead people to action. Your ability to generate an emotional response in the listener and move them to action is called the art of the sale. Choose your words carefully and use targeted phrases to grab their attention.  Engage them with intriguing questions and get into their world.  Find out what their needs are and offer valuable solutions.  If their problem is one of emotional pain, comfort with kindness and words of encouragement.

Always, offer conversation that has value to your listeners.  Remember, what you say and the way you say it, is what you will be judged by.  Keep in mind that conversation also helps you to grow, for “You Awaken when You Question Commentary that You Disagree With”.  Here is a extra bit of information for you.  Not only do you communicate with your words, but also through your actions, especially with the young.  Always remember this wise saying, “Don’t Worry that Your Children Never Listen to You, Worry that They Are Watching You”.  Your actions also speak volumes!!!

There is a resource that you should consider for improving yourself.  It is the fabulous teachings of Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len in their program Zero Limits Maui.   Take the time to look at this system and see if it is right for you.  This system has helped me immensely.

What is the true power of Words?  The power to move others to action and to leave the impression you desire.

What is your opinion about the power of words?  Have you ever been motivated by a speech or talked into buying something you really didn’t need?  Let us know about your experiences.  Please Comment Below!  If you would be so kind, scroll to the top of this article and click the Share and Tweet buttons.

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Choices, Thoughts On How To Decide

“Your Life Is the Sum of Your Choices”

You are about to make a big decision. It will be a “Fork In The Road Of Your Life” and suddenly you start to question yourself. What if this doesn’t work? What if I can’t pay for it? What if I don’t really like it? What should I do? Doubt starts to creep in and you do not know which way to turn.  Keep in mind this statement by Nelson Mandela, “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”   Develop your vision, then act upon it.

“Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try”

Remember, ”It’s Never Too Late to be What You Might Have Been”, don’t be afraid to try. Always be prepared to learn and grow.  Keep in mind this statement, “If You are Content With the Best You’ve Done, Then You’ll Never Become the Best You can Be”.  In this article I will discuss several elements of an informed decision.  You should consider each step in this process before making your choice.

Go With Your Gut?

You’ve heard this saying before. The reason people say it is because it’s usually right. By that I mean, it’s right for you.  That little voice in your head shouts “Woo, wait a minute, I’m not so sure about this”. That inner voice is your sub-conscious. It knows your feelings, desires, capabilities and limitations.  Sometimes you need to go beyond your comfort zone, but do so in an informed way!  Know that, “When you Really Want To Change, Your Heart will Reinforce that Change”. 

Take Your Time, Sleep On It

The next element of an informed decision is to take your time. Do not make a snap decision on a choice that has far reaching consequences. You may not be able to think of all the important aspects involved. Besides, sleeping allows you to physically relax and start your deliberations in the morning refreshed. Do not succumb to pressure to answer before you have thought it through. Big decisions take time, simply let people know you need to think about it and they will understand.  Remember this statement, “Don’t make a Permanent Decision over a Temporary Emotion, Think It Through”

Seek Out Trusted Opinions

Oh!! This is a must. You do not know, nor have you experienced everything. To get more facts about a decision, seek out the opinions of those who have “Been There – Done That”. There are lifetimes of experience and knowledge available from family members, religious leaders, professionals, and friends. Speak to those that you trust.  The collective wisdom of those you trust is priceless.  Remember, that “Wisdom is the Ability to Anticipate the Consequences of  a Decision Before you Act”.  Learn as much as you can from your friends, coaches and mentors.  Practice the simple formula in this statement, “Open to Suggestions = More Choices = More Freedom to Choose = Happier Life”.

Do Your Own Research

Get on the Internet and Google your question. Numerous sites will appear on the subject. Go to forums about the subject and ask your question. Usually there is someone there who will help. Don’t forget about the local library and all of their books and professional magazines. There is a wealth of knowledge available to you, if you will just look.  Even thought you may have a good idea, remember the saying, “A Good Idea Remains Only That Until Acted Upon Then It Becomes a Great Initiative”.  You will eventually have to make the decision to act upon your idea or not.  It’s up to you, do your due diligence and think it through.  Also, pay attention to your inner voice (subconscious) and dreams.  For “Your Dreams are a Window to Tomorrow’s Decisions”, it is your subconscious talking to you.

“You will Never Cross an Ocean, Unless you have the Courage to Lose Sight of Shore” 

“Life is not Happening to You, Life is Responding to You”

Always remember that, “Life Happens Either By Design or Default; the Choice is Yours, Take Control of Your Life”.  Gather all of the information you have collected and contemplate what to do. Do it with a stress free mind. Make all the preparations necessary for you to make an informed decision.  Allow yourself to make the best decision with a relaxed state of mind through the teachings in the Zero Limits system.

Make the best choice that you can, for it is you who will have to live with the consequences!

It is difficult to go back down the road of life and take the other fork. It may be easier to go forward with a different decision if this one falls short. Remember if something doesn’t work, stop doing it. Cut your losses and go on!

Learn the method of managing yourself, situations and your mind. I want to introduce you to a fabulous system by my friend Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the hit movie “The Secret”.   It’s Called “The Secret Mirror”

The Secret Mirror is a series of video interviews of one on one consultations between Dr. Joe and his students.  You can see how he uses the mirror technique to unlock each individuals subconscious mind for answers.

Our subconscious is full of information.  We need to learn how to access it.   Keep in mind the saying, “Know that the Answer Lies Within”.  It is inside of you.  Click this Link To Access It.

 The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror

What are your thoughts on how to make a decision?   Comment below!

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Law of Attraction, Joy and Pride

Finding Joy And Pride On The Fourth Of July

“Life Isn’t Waiting For A Storm To Pass, It’s Learning To Dance In The Rain!!!”

Let’s Get Going!!!

It was a beautiful July Fourth morning in the little Texas Hill Country town of Wimberley. There was a slight breeze as we hurriedly loaded the car with lawn chairs so that we could claim our usual spots in front of my favorite coffee shop Maui Wowi. “The parade starts at 10, it will fill up fast, so we need to be there before 9”, I said. We were out the door and off with great expectations of this annual event.

Coffee and Breakfast

We arrived just before 9 as the sidewalk was starting to fill. Once we set out our lawn chairs, it was off to the coffee shop for breakfast. We were greeted by the smiling owner DuAnne and ordered coffee and pastry. As we sat enjoying our breakfast, friends started to come in Warm greetings and conversation ensued. As we were catching up with each other, I glanced out the window and could see that the crowd was solid up and down the sidewalks on both sides of the street. I knew it was time for the parade to start.

The Parade

To my right I heard the sirens off in the distance. Shortly, I saw flashing lights and said “Here They Come” to the youngster beside me. To my surprise, he started jumping up and down in excitement. Momentarily you could here the Constable speaking over his loud speaker for the crowd to honor the colors when they passed. Hats off, hands over the heart, and veterans saluted as Old Glory was carried past us by the color guard. More sheriff vehicles (an antique one also), fire engines, first responders and civic organizations passed by.

Then the hard candy and beads started to fly through the air as the float attendants responded to the shouts from the crowd. The children ran about frantic, trying to decide which piece to pick up first. We started to recognize float attendants and yelled their names and waved to them. When they saw and recognized us, more candy and beads flew.

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Affirmations, How To Change Your Reality And Attitude

Use Affirmations To Create Your New Reality And Attitude

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a carefully formatted positive statement.   It should be repeatedly recited over and over.  The three ways to do this are:  thinking it , verbally saying it out loud or writing it down.  For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be in the present tense, positive, personal and specific.  An example of a simple affirmation would be,  “I now choose to think positive thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving and positive way”.  By repeatedly saying and writing affirmations, you start the gradual process of changing your belief system and thus your attitude.  Keep in mind the saying, “Your Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference”. 

Why Beliefs Are Important?

You live your life according to your beliefs.  The actions you take are determined and influenced by what you believe.  Keep in mind that, “What You Perceive and Believe is Who You Are”.  If you think negative thoughts,  they create a negative belief system.  Your life will be full of stress, disappointments, under achievements and complicated by poor attitude.

 Can I Change My Belief System?

You can change and influence your beliefs, thereby creating a new reality and attitude for yourself!  Know that, “You Make the World a Better Place by Making Yourself a Better Person”.

One way to do so, is by influencing your subconscious mind with positive affirmations in a meditative state.  However, these statements have to be worded carefully, otherwise you will not achieve your desired results.  Start out by repeatedly saying or better yet writing out your affirmations.  Repeat each affirmation 10 to15 times in row at least twice a day.  Doing it 3 or more times a day is even better.  Keep repeating your affirmations day after day in order to gradually change your belief system and thus your attitude.  Remember that;  “Your Attitude is the Difference between an Ordeal or an Adventure”!

 How do You Intensify Affirmations?

Just thinking an affirmation repeatedly in the conscious mind will work for some people.  To get a more powerful result, say the affirmation out loud with passion.  This bold verbalization reinforces the importance of your statement to the subconscious.

Another method is to write the statements over and over.  By writing, you are making a contract with yourself and this is very powerful.

The next method is to repeatedly say the affirmation to yourself while looking in a mirror.  This is very effective.  By looking yourself in the eye and saying the affirmation with passion, the affect is dramatic.

Realize that your attitude controls every aspect of your life!  Choose to be happy, choose to be in a good mood and realize that; “Celebrating Special Occasions is Your Choice, Find a Reason to Celebrate Each Day”.  You can choose to have a good time and use affirmations to help!

Good Attitude = Good Life

What Should You Expect:

Your present life is the result of the choices and decisions you have made in the past.  Your future is up to you.  You can have a better future and brighter attitude for yourself by changing your belief system.  Keep in mind that “In quiet water an item is mirrored undistorted; In a quiet mind true perception is achieved” and that “Through Meditation the Voice of the Soul and the Language of the Spirit is Heard”.  It will take time to grow; so start today by looking at the information provided in Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len’s system in “Zero Limits”.  Read the material there and learn how to open yourself up to growth, opportunities and self healing.

Have you done your affirmations today?

What are your favorite affirmations?  Comment Below!

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Self Introspection, Create The Right Setting

Self Introspection, Chose the Right Setting:

Find a Quiet Location:

It is best to find a place where there is no sound.  The only sounds that you should hear are one’s that you desire to hear.  The quieter your area is, the better for thinking, concentrating and reflecting on Self Introspection Questions before you.  Some people are more creative and relaxed by listening to CD Audios designed to put your mind in a calm creative state.  Experiment and find what works best for you, total quiet or therapeutic audios.  Keep in mind this statement, “You Have the Answer Inside, Just get Quiet Enough to Hear It; Listen to Your Inner Voice”.

Find a Safe Location:

During your Self Introspection session, it is of the utmost importance that you feel totally secure.  Feeling safe allows you to relax and reach that point in your mind where you can be honest with yourself while contemplating these soul searching questions.  To feel at ease during these sessions is key to producing honest answers.

No Interruptions Please!

Your setting needs to prevent you from being interrupted.  The simple way is to close the door and put a “Quiet Time”, “Napping”, “Do Not Disturb” or “Working” sign on the door.  Inform family that this is your busy time and can not be interrupted unless it’s a real emergency.  It may be best for you to choose to do these session at a time when others are not around.  Good times are early in the mornings before they wake, during their busy time (school or work) or late in the evenings after all have gone to bed.  Find something that will work for you.  You will find that family can be very supportive if you will explain what you need from them and ask for their support.

Make It a Comfortable Location:

These sessions and their location are yours, you own them.  What you can do to make it comfortable, is limited by only your imagination.  Be physically relaxed, use your favorite chair, couch or seating area.    In your location, place your favorite pictures, paintings and posters on the wall.  Create a Vision Board of your journey to happiness and fulfillment and place it where you can see it.  You can do the same thing by hanging up positive affirmations or even a copy of your written goals.

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Self Introspection

Know Yourself Through Self Introspection

“If you can’t find inner peace where you are, then where else can you find it?”

Know Yourself:  “Learn Who You Are,and Learn to Resign With Good Grace Who You Are Not”

You have big dreams and see yourself succeeding but in reality you have not achieved those dreams.  Keep in mind the saying; “Think BIG Thoughts but Always Relish the Smallest of Pleasures; Enjoy Life”.  Enjoy what you have but always be looking to improve yourself.  The question is; How in the world are you going to improve, if you don’t know yourself?  To find out, you need to do a Self Introspection Session.

What is Self Introspection?

Self Introspection is a self examination.  It is accomplished by asking and answering a list of questions.  These questions are usually thought provoking and may be difficult for you to answer. “The Days Gone Bye are Dots Connecting Your Past to the Present; The Future is Up to You”; this statement sums up the “Why” of doing Self Introspection.

Where can I find Self Introspection Questions?

Questions of self introspection can be found in numerous places on the Internet.  I have provided for you a sample list of questions.  When you are ready to begin a self examination, you can find the questions by going to Self Introspection Questions.

Where Should This Be Done?

In order to get the greatest benefit from your session, you should have a quiet location where you know you will not be interrupted.  Usually early in the morning, late in the evening or while everyone is off to work or school is a great time.  Your location and the setting should be a safe, secure and enjoyable one, where you feel totally at ease.  Seek a place where you can, “Quiet your Mind, and Listen to your Soul Speak.”

What about the setting?

Keep in mind, this is your time.  You will want to make the “Setting” a comfortable one.  The use of Breathing Exercises, lighting, music and even pleasant aromas can be helpful.  Consider covering the walls with pictures, a Vision Board, Affirmations and your written goals.  This is your time and place, own it and make right for you.

Should I Keep A Journal?

I feel that keeping track of your answers over time can be very beneficial.  By keeping a record, you can see and keep track of your improvement.  Keeping a record is a good idea but it is not necessary.  If you are concerned about having a written or audio record of such private information around the house, then you do not have to journal.

Audio Record?

If you do want to keep a record, but do not like the idea of having a written journal around, there is another option.  Do an Audio recording of the question and answer session.  Then store it on Amazon S3 and password protect it.  Only you will have access and a hard copy document is not laying around for someone to find.  Another reason to record is so you can listen to the tone of your voice.  A lot of information can be gathered from the way your voice sounds.  Go back  to previous sessions and listen.  Compare the difference in the tone of those sessions to the tone your current remarks.   You can gauge your emotion, attitude and progress simply by the way you sound.

Frequency Of Sessions?

How often should you do a self introspection examination?  As often as you feel is necessary.  Some people do them monthly and others less frequently.  It really depends on what is right for you.  Keep in mind that real and permanent change in yourself takes time.  Give those changes the time to manifest.

When Writing the Story of Your Life, Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold the Pen

When you answer the questions, answer them honestly.  If a question is something that you do not wish to answer, then don’t.  This is your session, make it work for you.  As you continue these sessions and grow over time, you will reach a point where you will answer all the questions.  Remember that this is a life long process, it takes time to grow.  The statement, “Each Moment is a Place You’ve Never Been, Live In Each Moment” is very powerful.  Self Introspection helps you to make the most of each moment life has to offer.

On a personal note, I will never understand how a person can gamble so much with the short sighted reasoning in this statement; “So Strange to Use “You Only Live Once” as an Excuse to Potentially Throw It All Away”.  Know yourself and potential before you take a chance, be prepared

A key factor in the self introspection process is to start each session in a relaxed and receptive state of mind.  An excellent way to relax and clear your mind is to use the system found in Dr. Joe Vitale’s and Dr Hew Len’s “Zero Limits”.  The information and techniques described inside are exactly what is needed.  Go there now and see if it is right for you.

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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Low Self Esteem, Become Your Own Best Friend

Do you have days when you feel down?

Do you feel like nobody cares about you or your work?



Do you feel like you’re just not good enough?

No Person or Situation has any Power Over You, Unless You GIVE Them That Power

Are You, Your Own Best Friend?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important steps to increasing your self esteem.  That is to increase your self confidence, become happy and be your own best friend.  There are many different ways to build your confidence.  Know that you should, “Act as if What You Do Makes a Difference, Because It Does!!!” and if you “Look to Others for Fulfillment, You’ll Never be Fulfilled, Fulfillment Comes From Within”.

I’ve Made A List of Four Methods That You Can Apply Now!


Start by listing the items that you do well.  This could be helping others, your volunteer work, church work or accomplishments from your job.  Know that you are appreciated by others for what you do, even though that appreciation is not always expressed.  Seek the company of others, for “The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Up is to Cheer Someone Else Up”

It is important to understand your abilities and to give your best effort.  Knowing that you have given your best actually makes accepting the outcome easier.   Even if the outcome is not what you expect or not to your liking, you have given your best.  Keep in mind that “To Strive for Excellence is Motivating, but to Strive for Perfection is Unattainable”You are not able to control all the variables involved, therefore the ultimate outcome can only be influenced not dictated.


Use Self Introspection to take a look at your behavior and belief system.  Be honest and decide what about yourself you would like to change.  All of us need to be able to accept change.  Our experiences affect our belief system and the belief system is what governs our actions therefore, we need to be able to monitor and adjust our beliefs.  This statement is so important, “The Only Person You Should Try to be Better Than, Is the Person You Were Yesterday”.  Just work on yourself, you can not control all that goes on around you.

Self introspection is the method of choice to examine oneself.  Take the time periodically to ask yourself questions of self exploration and record your answers.  Keep your answers in a journal and overtime go back and look at your answers.  Note how they have changed.  Accept and implement these changes into your thought and belief system.

We all change over time.  Situations that we live with change and sometimes we have no control over them.  Therefore we must adjust.  Accept change, embrace it, analyze it and make the best of it.  Always recall and live by this saying, “Believe in your Powers, Potential & Goodness, Wake Up & Live this Day Well”.


In order to help with your self esteem, you need to know where you are headed.  One of the best ways that I know of to accomplish this, is to write down a list of goals in your journal.  One example would be to meet a new person each day,  “Don’t Wait for People to be Friendly, It’s Up to You  to Show Them How.”

Set obtainable goals.  Make a plan of several small step by step goals that once are completed, you have attained a significant accomplishment.  By setting obtainable goals, you remain enthusiastic and energized.  You will be always learning, the saying, “Continue to Learn Throughout Time. Your Tombstone should be your Diploma”, explains the need to learn and grow continuously.


The idea is to increase self esteem by taking the time to reward yourself.  When we obtain a goal small or large, give yourself time to celebrate and enjoy the moment of accomplishment and happiness.  Learn to share your happiness.  Invite those who support you to join in the celebration of your accomplishment.  Remember that “One Candle can Light Thousands, Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared”

Bask In your Achievements and Find Humor

When we receive compliments for a job well done, bask in the glow of positive praise.  This is your reward.   Enjoy it and be confident in your ability.    Others  have recognized your ability and praised your accomplishment, there is no greater reward!  You deserve it, so enjoy it.  Keep in mind that “Sometimes it is difficult to find happiness in yourself, but it is not possible to find it elsewhere”.  

In each situation that you find yourself, try to find humor in it.  A good laugh with your companions is a great equalizer for we all can use a little humor.  Keep in mind the saying that “Warning: Humor May Be Hazardous to a Poor Attitude; Laugh!”.  Use a light moment to gain self confidence.

To Summarize

Developing a positive view of oneself is a work in progress.  Self confidence is an important part of the self esteem equation.  Always ask questions of yourself and others.  Know that through questioning and self examination,  we are able to make changes in ourselves which  develops a positive perception of self.  Learn to Love yourself Unconditionally.  For, “Unconditional Love does not have a Happy Ending, Unconditional Love has No Ending” and “It Takes Courage to Grow Up and Become Who You Really Are; Be Courageous Be Yourself”.

Keep in mind that; “Its Not What is Taken Away From You That Counts, but What You Do With What’s Left; Improvise”.  Learn to work with what you have.   In your continuing effort to improve yourself, it is important to use aids.  One of the best optimal systems for changing your mind for the better is Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len’s “Zero Limits”.  Click on the link and go there.  See if the comprehensive system they have developed is right for you .

What are your thoughts on self esteem?  Comment Below!

Note: As always, before you perform any physical or mental exercise, check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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